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Tiny Kitten Who Has a Lot to Say, Comes Up to Another Kitten and Decides They Will Never Be Apart

A tiny kitten who had a lot to say, came up to another kitten one day and decided they would never be apart.

Best of friendsMurphy's Law Animal Rescue

A calico kitten was brought into an animal shelter (in North Carolina) with her siblings. She was very small, behind in her milestones, and the only one that still needed round-the-clock bottle feedings.

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CatsEssentials Modern Cat Furniture – The Veneto Collection

CatsEssentials is a pioneer modern cat furniture company that offers organic products mirroring luxurious human designs on a smaller scale. We’re delighted to introduce their Veneto Collection which takes cat furniture to a whole new level through innovative design. It features miniature versions of real human furniture that have been adapted to suit the needs of cats. How cool is that!

The Veneto is a well-curated collection of modern cat beds and cat sofas designed with the well-being of cats in mind. Every bed is fully upholstered and made to last for years.

The Veneto Collection is named after a northeastern region of Italy that offers breathtaking views and is home to the majestic Venetian Villas, the spellbinding vineyards of the Prosecco country, the historic cities of Treviso and Verona, and the magnificent Dolomite Mountains.

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Cat Hops onto Warm Laps Each Day and Has Waited Nearly a Year for Someone to Take Her Home

A cat hops onto warm laps each day and has waited nearly a year for someone to take her home.

Allie the lap catCommunity Cat Club

A tabby cat named Allie came to Community Cat Club last August for a chance at a better life. She had lived in an office space in Philadelphia for some time, warming every lap she came across, until the new management arrived and decided to remove her.

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Kitten is So Eager for Attention She Starts Hugging Every Cat and Dog She Comes Across

A kitten was so eager for attention that she started hugging every cat and dog she came across.

Annie the kitten and her foster siblingsCindy @foster_kittens

Annie, a 3-week-old dilute orange tabby, was brought into a vet clinic, needing supportive care and a lot of TLC. She was the sole survivor of her litter and showed incredible will to live.

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Cat Lived on the Street Her Whole Life, Scooped Up by Kind-hearted Man Who Discovers She is Blind

A cat had lived on the street her whole life until she was scooped up by a kind-hearted man who discovered she was blind.

Belladonna the catLittle Wanderers NYC

Juan, an animal carer based in the Bronx, New York, looks after neighborhood stray and feral cats. He makes sure they are healthy and fed, and diligently tries to get them spayed and neutered with the help of local rescues.

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Kitten Found Running Around in a Garage, Decides to Tuck Himself into Woman's Neck and Start to Trust

A kitten was found running around in a garage. He decided to tuck himself into a woman's neck and start to trust.

Moon Pie the kittenMarijana

It was a beautiful day in the fall of last year when Marijana had a surprise encounter with a pint-sized kitten. She was at her parents' house, lazing outside on the porch, when she suddenly heard what sounded like a cat.

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Kitten Who was Spotted Outside an Office, Comes Wobbling to a Cat and Decides He Will Help Raise Him

A kitten who was spotted outside an office, came wobbling to a cat and decided he would help raise him.

Frito and his best friend BubblegumAlley Cat Rescue

A few weeks ago, a dilute orange kitten was spotted outside an office without a mother. He was just pint-sized and a bit wobbly on his feet. With the help of good Samaritans, he was safely transported to Alley Cat Rescue (in Los Angeles).

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Cat Roaming the Streets Most His Life, Shows Up Outside a Window As He's Ready for Change

A cat who had been roaming the streets for most of his life, showed up outside a window as he was ready for change.

Cheetos the catChatons Orphelins Montréal

An orange and white cat had been living on the streets of a neighborhood in Montreal, Canada for quite some time. Kind neighbors, Kurt and Mel, began feeding him and tried to look out for the elusive feline.

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Study Reveals Cat Owners Spend As Much As $45,000 During a Pet’s Lifetime

Nearly half of cat owners underestimate the cost of caring for their pets according to a new study entitled “Lifetime of Care” where seven out of ten pet parents consider their pets as members of the family, yet nearly half underestimated the lifetime cost of care, which ranges from $15K-$45K for cats and from $20K-$55K for dogs.

Additionally, approximately half of all pet owners who thought they were financially ready for unexpected pet expenses, were not, and would consider a financial solution dedicated to financing care for their pet.

The study is based on findings from 1,200 pet owners and 100 veterinarians and provides consumer insights, verified by veterinary practices, into the lifetime of care cost of cat or dog ownership. The research, conducted on behalf of Synchrony’s pet and vet financial solutions, CareCredit and Pets Best Pet Insurance covered an exhaustive list of cat and dog expenses, from first-year expenses (spaying/neutering, vaccinations, pet supplies) to food and health insurance, to end-of-life expenses.

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