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10-year-old Cat Gets Up on Her Hind Paws and Waves to Get People to Notice Her

10-year-old Cat Gets Up on Her Hind Paws and Waves to Get People to Notice Her

A 10-year-old cat got up on her hind paws and waved to get people to notice her.

cat shelter standingVali the catCommunity Cat Club

Early this year, a black and white cat, Valentine (Vali), was brought in to Community Cat Club in South Jersey. The 10-year-old tuxedo was immediately cuddly and just wanted to be around people.

"She was surrendered when her elderly owner could no longer care for her," Sara Sharp, founder of Community Cat Club, told Love Meow. Vali was a laid-back and sweet gal from the start, and never hesitated to come up to people for attention and snuggles.

She quickly settled into her foster home and made sure that everyone around her received a daily dose of her affection.

tuxedo cat lipHer signature "smile"Community Cat Club

"We also had to get her a dental because she had tooth resorption, so now her lip always gets stuck on her gums and it's the cutest thing," Sara shared with Love Meow.

No one expected that Vali would wind up staying in foster care for months on end when she first arrived. "We were hoping we could find her a new home as soon as possible, so she could go right from her current home to her new home."

tuxedo catShe is very laid-back and adores all peopleCommunity Cat Club

Six months passed by, and Vali found herself still anticipating her happily-ever-after. Despite many social media posts about her, no one showed interest and she was somehow overlooked.

Vali didn't seem to let anything faze her and continued to live everyday to the fullest. She was simply content with a roof over her head, people to cuddle with, and a comfy place to nap on.

lap cat purringShe is 10 years old and enjoys cuddling on a warm lapCommunity Cat Club

She has befriended other cats, kittens and even dogs at her foster home. She emanates such charm and calmness about her everywhere she graces. "Vali has the cutest chirp, will follow you everywhere, and will tap you for more pets."

Watch Vali the cat in this video:

Vali the

After half a year of waiting, the rescue decided to try bringing her to the adoption center, where she would have more exposure to potential adopters.

Vali seemed to be up for any adventure as she hopped into her carrier and off she went.

cat dog friendsCommunity Cat Club

After scoping out her new kitty condo on the adoption floor, she quickly noticed people walking by and got an idea.

In true Vali fashion, she got up on her hind legs and started waving her paws against the glass wall, in an attempt to get people to notice her. She is a determined little girl who is more than ready to find a place of her own.

cat pawing shelterShe waves her paws and tries to get people to notice her at the adoption centerCommunity Cat Club

When volunteers come to visit her, she gladly offers the sweetest head bumps and purrs aplenty. "She loves all humans, regardless of age. She deserves the world and will make someone so happy."

cat curled upCommunity Cat Club

Having a warm lap to sleep in or a soft blanket to knead on makes her the happiest kitty in the world. Vali is soaking up all the attention from volunteers and visitors, and can't wait for the family of her dreams to come scoop her up.

lap cat tuxedoCommunity Cat Club

Share this story with your friends. Vali is located in South Jersey. Follow updates on her and Community Cat Club on Facebook and Instagram @communitycatclub.

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Original author: Amy Bojo
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