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Cat Completely Transformed After Rescue - She is Almost Toothless But Can’t Stop Purring

A ginger cat who came to a shelter in very rough shape, has made an incredible transformation.

imageBest Friends in Los Angeles

Peaches was 7 1/2 years old when she was brought to Best Friends's North Central Shelter in Los Angeles. She was covered in scabies, an extremely uncomfortable skin infection caused by mites that burrow under the skin. The ginger girl also came with many dental issues.

Despite being in constant pain, Peaches quickly warmed up to staff and volunteers. In no time, she began to seek affection and started rumbling with her adorable purrs.

"It's impossible to know the exact circumstances that contributed to Peaches' physical condition, but it was clear that she had not gotten the appropriate treatment or care for the medical ailments she was suffering from," Diane Barber of Best Friends told Love Meow.

imageBest Friends in Los Angeles

The medical team at Best Friends immediately got to work. Caregivers and medical personnel provided round-the-clock care for Peaches.

"Her treatment involved antibiotics and topical medication for the skin infection and the extraction of most of her teeth due to the severity of her dental disease."

imageBest Friends in Los Angeles

When they gently brushed off the tangles from her coat, she was purring up a storm, licking the brush and her caregiver with so much gratitude. (Scroll down for video)

"Peaches won over the hearts of everyone on staff immediately. We were all determined to make sure she knew she was safe in our care," Diane told Love Meow. "As with all the animals here, we worked very hard to make her comfortable and give her lots of affection and attention and it was clear to everyone that she appreciated it."

imageBest Friends in Los Angeles

Knowing that a shelter environment can be very stressful for animals, especially those undergoing treatment, finding Peaches a foster home became a priority.

Early February, Peaches moved into her foster home and really blossomed.

imageBest Friends in Los Angeles

"When she came back from foster care, she looked like a completely different cat. We were all absolutely blown away by her transformation. It was clear that her time in foster care, getting personal love and attention, worked wonders for her.

"Peaches is looking like the radiant, gorgeous cat we all knew she was. She is beautiful inside and out."

imageBest Friends in Los Angeles

The adorable ginger continues to charm everyone with her endearing tongue-out look and her sweet, loving temperament.

Watch Peaches' rescue journey in this video:

Rescued cat made amazing transformation - Best Friends

"Not only is she beautiful but she's got a big personality. Most mornings when I entered the room to feed the cats, Peaches was the first one to greet me," Diane said.

imageBest Friends in Los Angeles

"She loves to talk and she will talk non-stop while the food is being prepared. The fact that she has very few teeth left hasn't dampened her enthusiasm for a good meal one bit!"

Whenever someone came to visit her, she instantly wanted to hold a conversation filled with meows and loud purrs. If she found an empty lap, she would curl up on it within seconds.

imageBest Friends in Los Angeles

The ginger girl was ready for her next chapter of life — a forever loving home that could provide undivided attention and limitless pampering she so deserves.

Five days ago, her dream came true.

imageBest Friends in Los Angeles

"She found her forever home. After seeing her story and adorable face on social media, Lauren knew Peaches was meant to be part of her family."

imageBest Friends in Los Angeles

Share this story with your friends. Follow Best Friends in Los Angeles on Facebook and Instagram. If you would like to support their rescue efforts, click here to see how you can help.

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Original author: Amy Bojo
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