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Cat Found Covered in Snow and Ice, Got Her Kittens Help Just in Time So They Could Thrive

Cat Found Covered in Snow and Ice, Got Her Kittens Help Just in Time So They Could Thrive

A stray cat who was found covered in snow, got help just in time, so her kittens could thrive.

imageCatsnip Etc

The weather was freezing cold in Indiana last Thursday evening. Some Good Samaritans were driving down the road when they spotted what they thought was just a big chunk of snow and ice, on the wayside.

Once they saw a pair of eyes glow in the reflection of their headlights, they immediately turned around to investigate. As it turned out, it was a tortoiseshell cat covered in a layer of snow and ice. She was scrawny, cold, curled up in a ball desperately trying to stay warm. Despite being just skin and bones, her belly was round and she appeared to be pregnant.

The kind people scooped her up and brought her in their car to warm her up. The friendly stray started rumbling with her adorable purrs and continued throughout her ride. Catsnip Etc, an all-volunteer cat rescue in Goshen, Indiana, was contacted and stepped up to help.

imageCatsnip Etc

"She was so sweet and friendly, never stopped purring. I think she knew she was safe," Missy McNeal of Catsnip Etc told Love Meow. "She had some abrasions and bloody toenails when we got her. We aren't sure what happened to her before she was found."

The tortie whom they named Camilla was thrilled to be inside a house. No one knows how long she had borne the brunt of the cold weather outside, trying to stay alive for her kittens, but she was so happy to be safe at last.

She scarfed down all the food she could fit into her tiny belly before snuggling in her cozy, warm nest.

imageCatsnip Etc

Two days later, she went into labor and by the morning of Valentine's day, she brought four beautiful, healthy babies into this world. These lucky kittens would never have to live a day on the street, braving the bitter cold.

"The kittens are all girls except the orange and white one. We are so very grateful for the wonderful people that stopped to pick her up. Momma Camilla is so lucky to be safe and warm with her little sweethearts."

imageCatsnip Etc

From the start, Camilla was completely devoted to her kittens and wouldn't leave their side.

"The first day she had the babies, she didn't really know us yet, so when we went in her room she would sit up and cover them, to protect them," Missy shared with Love Meow. "Now that she knows we want to help her and only bring good things, she is more than happy to see us and let us check on the little ones."

imageCatsnip Etc

She was so skinny and malnourished upon arrival that her milk supply never fully came in. Soon, it was clear that Camilla would need assistance to feed her four hungry little mouths.

"We were hoping we would have her longer and have more time to get her healthy before the babies were born, but that didn't happen. Now we are on bottle duty every two hours."

imageCatsnip Etc

The kittens are getting supplemental feedings around the clock, and Momma Camilla is very pleased. "She doesn't mind at all when we come to help feed them. We think she knows they need the extra help and she seems grateful," Missy told Love Meow.

"We are still hoping with continued good nutrition, Camilla will get more milk in as the babies continue to try to nurse."

imageCatsnip Etc

The sweet tortie loves her all-you-can-eat buffet and is starting to fill out a bit. She watches over her babies every step of the way and makes sure that they are kept immaculately clean at all times.

Once the kittens finish their bottles, Momma Camilla takes over and washes their little faces with unconditional love.

imageCatsnip Etc

Thanks to the timely rescue, the doting mama and her four precious babies are thriving and will have a bright future ahead of them.

imageCatsnip Etc

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Original author: Amy Bojo
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