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Cat is So Happy When Her Preemie Kittens Get Help from Rescuers Just in Time

A cat was so thankful when rescuers saved her three little preemie babies and helped them survive.

imageTabby's Place - a Cat Sanctuary

Ida the cat was brought to Tabby's Place - a Cat Sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey for a chance at a better life. She was pregnant, visually impaired and in need of dental treatment.

She was very sweet to everyone she came across at the sanctuary and just wanted to be loved. They estimated she had 1-2 weeks until she gave birth, but soon after, she went into labor.

Her kittens were very premature, weighing just 1.95oz (55grams). Despite their very best efforts to save them all, only three kittens made it through birth.

imageTabby's Place - a Cat Sanctuary

"Ida was producing some milk, but we soon realized she wasn't able to meet the needs of her fragile kittens," Tabby's Place wrote.

Staff members stepped in to help right away, and an experienced foster carer began tube-feeding the kittens every couple of hours. "We have three precious, fragile souls that need everything we can give them."

imageTabby's Place - a Cat Sanctuary

"This is another lesson on the importance of TNR (spay/neuter community cats). Kittens may be cute, but there are always consequences we must face for every situation."

No one knew if the preemies would pull through but they wanted to give them a fighting chance. The kittens received round-the-clock supplemental care while their cat mom kept them clean, warm and loved.

In less than two days, the little ones had gained weight and were finally able to nurse on their mama.

imageTabby's Place - a Cat Sanctuary

They continued to grow each day, and by the end of the week, they exceeded the 4-ounce (113 grams) milestone.

The warrior kittens were then named Agata, Marysia, and Artur. Sweet Ida never left their side, doting on them with unconditional love. She would blissfully stretch her toes in the air while her kittens were nursing.

imageTabby's Place - a Cat Sanctuary

Over the next few weeks, the kittens blossomed into rambunctious little mischief-makers. Ida, the cross-eyed beauty began to seek more cuddle time with her human friends.

"Ida is such a sweet girl, and a wonderful momma," Tabby's Place said.

imageTabby's Place - a Cat Sanctuary

"She loves a lap to lay on. She will follow you around like a dog, and give you all her love and head bumps. She may be an older girl (around nine years old), but she has years worth of love left."

After so many years, Ida will never have to go through another pregnancy again and can finally enjoy being loved and spoiled.

imageTabby's Place - a Cat Sanctuary

"It has been such a joy watching this beautiful family grow into strong, healthy kittens, and watching momma Ida's devotion to them is so heartwarming," Tabby's Place said.

"Ida's babies are getting ready to leave the nest. Hopefully, Ida's forever home is just around the corner."

imageTabby's Place - a Cat Sanctuary

"We really didn't know if they would make it at the beginning, being premature, underweight and so weak."

Thanks to Ida's devotion and tireless efforts from staff and volunteers at Tabby's Place, they flourished, grew big and strong, and are now ready for their next adventure.

imageTabby's Place - a Cat Sanctuary

Mama Ida is so proud!

imageTabby's Place - a Cat Sanctuary

Share this story with your friends. Mama Ida is still looking for a forever home. Follow Tabby's Place on Facebook and Instagram.

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Original author: Amy Bojo
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