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Cat Shows Up on Doorstep After Family Moved In, and Changes Their Lives

A family from the UK was greeted by a sweet neighborhood cat not long after they moved in. They offered the kitty some food and he just kept coming back.


Three years ago, Leilah and her family who had just moved into the neighborhood, were surprised to see an adorable black and white cat show up at their back door.

"He was very dirty and looked underweight. I could not help but start feeding him not knowing if he got a home or not," Leilah told Love Meow. "He kept coming over to watch us and/or to eat."

The cat whom they named Tom, would meow for their attention when he came for food. It didn't take long until he allowed them to pet him. That's when Leilah noticed that he was covered in fleas.


Leilah began asking her new neighbors next door to see if anyone knew this cat.

"I asked the old couple right next door. They had lived at their place for years and never seen him, so I went on Facebook on local Lost Pet groups, but no one recognized him," Leilah added.


A kind-hearted local named Elaine offered to help trap the cat so he could get the medical attention he needed.

Leilah brought him home after his first vet visit, but Tom quickly escaped as he was scared of being indoors. "We managed to get him again and now we had a plan."


They booked him another vet appointment for his neuter surgery, and Tom stayed in with the family during his recovery.

"He was very scared and spent a lot of time over the dining room table. I worked with him to help with his confidence," Leilah told Love Meow.


Slowly, Tom came out of his shell and became more comfortable living in the house. A few months later, he overcame his fear of going upstairs and was able to explore every corner of his home at last.

"All this time, he learned to get on with our cat Eric."


"One day, a neighbor up the road stopped me and asked if that was my cat. I said, 'yes' and told him how he came to be my cat," Leilah said.

The man recognized Tom as he and his wife had seen him for years but their two cats never got along with him. They fed him every time he came to visit and called him Neil after a friend of theirs.


The man was thrilled to learn that Tom had found a place to call his own after years of wandering the streets.

The sweet kitty no longer needs to worry about food and shelter. He's happy, healthy and has a big family that loves him to bits.


"Tommy is very much part of the family. He loves being held and sitting on my lap. If he doesn't get his own way, he will cry and will not give up. Tom and I are inseparable," Leilah told Love Meow.

"I have two special needs children and Tom helps me when things get too much. He just knows when I need him. He will appear and make me feel better."


"Tom has a beautiful personality. He loves to play and be there for you," Leilah said. "I never had a cat like him. He is just so lovable."


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Original author: Amy Bojo
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