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Cat Travels with Soldier Everywhere She Goes and Never Leaves Her Side for 4 Years.

A kitten found her way into a solder's home and decided that she would be her closest companion.

Now whenever her human travels for the Army, the kitty follows her everywhere she goes.

Julie Cordes

Julie Cordes's daughter brought home a little kitten four years ago, and they named her Sophie. The little tabby immediately took a liking to Julie.

"We soon became buddies and traveling companions. She has lived with me in Illinois, Arizona, Kansas and now Maryland," Julie told Love Meow .

"I tell her she's my best friend. She's very affectionate and playful. She makes me laugh out loud and definitely has a sense of humor."

Sophie as a kitten Julie Cordes

With frequent moving and various stress from work, Sophie has become an important part of Julie's life. The kitty seems to be able to sense when her human needs a bit of feline support.

"Sophie helps me stay sane with all the moving we've done. If I get upset, she talks to me and stays close by. She has even put her paw on my mouth to calm me," Julie told Love Meow.

Julie Cordes

Julie was never a cat person until she met Sophie, and everything just felt perfect.

"She's had a significant impact on my love for animals generally... and my love for cats specifically."

Julie Cordes

"She's such a precious jewel. She teaches me about unconditional love and patience. I'm probably a better student with her since I've already had kids," Julie told Love Meow.

Sophie held her human's hand and purred up a storm.

Julie Cordes

She is a great helper!

"This is how Sophie helps me get out of uniform."

Julie Cordes

When it's time to pack up for the next adventure, Sophie shows her mom how to do it the proper way.

Julie Cordes

On the road again...

Sophie is a frequent traveler and knows all the travel essentials when they hit the road.

Julie Cordes

They have shared many adventures together and are completely inseparable.

Checking out the scenery of a new place as Julie drives across states.

Julie Cordes

Sophie is turning four next week around Valentine's Day.

The little lovebug has been Julie's little guardian angel since the day they met.

Julie Cordes

"I love her. She knows this. We're family."

Julie Cordes

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Original author: Amy Bojo
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