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Cat Shows Up Outside Someone's Door with Her Kittens, Ends Up Finding a Place of Her Own

A cat who showed up outside someone's door with her kittens, ended up finding a place of her own.

Monica @mowonder5

Earlier this year, a stray cat appeared on the porch of a family's home with two 5-6 month-old kittens, seeking food and shelter. Sparkle Cat Rescue (SCR) was contacted to bring the trio to safety, and that's when they noticed that the mom was pregnant.

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Hilfe für freilaufende Katzen: So erkennen Sie eine Giardieninfektion

Freigänger habe ein erhöhtes Risiko sich mit diversen Krankheiten zu infizieren. Schließlich kommen sie mit allerlei Tieren sowie deren Kot oder sterblichen Überresten in Kontakt. Eine weltweit verbreitete Infektionskrankheit der Katzen ist die Giardieninfektion.

Der Parasit kommt bei den meisten Säugetieren vor, z. B. bei Hunden, Katzen, Rindern und Schafen. Der Parasit kann zudem über Lebensmittel und Wasser übertragen werden, was ein gesteigertes Risiko ausmacht. Wenn Sie Ihre Katze schützen möchten, sollten Sie erste Anzeichen sofort erkennen und Ihr Tier regelmäßig testen.

Was verursacht eine Giardieninfektion und wie wird sie verbreitet?

Giardiasis ist eine Infektion des Darmtraktes, die durch Giardia lamblia übertragen wird. Dabei handelt es sich um einen einzelligen “Protozoen”. Es gibt mehrere Varianten von Giardia lamblia, wovon manche auch den Menschen infizieren können. Daher ist es wichtig, nicht nur Ihre Katze vor einer Infektion zu schützen, sondern auch sich selbst.

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Kitten with Cleft Lip Found Outside an Office Building and Determined to Never Be Alone Again

A kitten with a cleft lip was found outside an office building and determined to never be alone again.

Frito the kitten and Bubblegum the catAlley Cat Rescue

Earlier this month, Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles was contacted about a tiny kitten found outside an office building. He was all alone without a mother in sight, hiding underneath electrical wires.

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Cat Comes Up to Kind People that Found Her with Kittens, and Decides to Trust and Chirp Happily One Day

A cat came up to the kind people that found her with her kittens, and decided to trust and chirp happily one day.

Farah the cat and her kittensElaine Keating-Brown

A Good Samaritan from The Bronx, New York, found a mother cat and her two kittens abandoned outside in a bag. They reached out to their local animal rescue, Little Wanderers NYC, for help.

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Kitten with Thumbs Found in Sedan at Fire House Asks for Affection When He Realizes He's Safe

A kitten with thumbs who was found in a sedan at a fire house, asked for affection when he realized he was safe.

Goose the kittenNikki @nikkifosterscats

Last week, firemen at the Torrance Fire Station in Southern California found a kitten in quite a pickle. "We found him behind one of the headlights in a sedan tangled in wires. The lady had driven over with him in there," fireman Cole shared with Love Meow.

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Stray Cat Adopts a Litter of Kittens and Raises Them Alongside Her Own

A stray cat adopted a litter of kittens and started raising them alongside her own.

Macy the cat and her ten kittensWilma @purrs_in_paradise

Macy, a stray cat mother, and 10 kittens were brought into the Humane League of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania for a chance at a better life. Some of the kittens came from a different litter that the cat had decided to raise as her own.

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Kitten with 'Elf Ears' Has a Full Belly for the First Time and Turns into Happiest Tiny Cat

A kitten with "elf ears" had a full belly for the first time, and turned into the happiest tiny cat.

Aiden the tiny kittenBaby Kitten Rescue

Last month, Caroline Grace, the founder of Baby Kitten Rescue, was informed about a pint-sized tabby in desperate need of critical care. A fellow animal rescuer, Alejandra, brought the kitten to safety from a grim beginning.

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Kittens Wobble Everywhere They Go and Don't Let Anything Stop Them from Having Fun

Kittens wobble everywhere they go and don't let anything stop them from having fun.

Riley and Barley the wobbly [email protected]

Last week, two kittens were brought into Oakland Animal Services in need of rescue. They were about 4-5 weeks old and both a bit wobbly. Shelter staff got in touch with Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco that specializes in special needs kittens.

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Cat Takes in Hours-old Kitten As Her Own 10 Days After She Has Her Litter of Three

A cat took in an hours-old kitten as her own 10 days after she had her litter of three.

Fern the cat and her [email protected]_tn

Earlier this year, Nashville Cat Rescue was informed about a pregnant cat needing rescue at a rural shelter in Tennessee. The shelter lacked the resources to keep her, so they sent out a plea, in hopes of getting her help.

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Cat Found with 3 Kittens Under Balcony Decides to Stop Hiding One Day and Learn to Trust

A cat who was found with three kittens under a balcony, decided to come out from hiding one day and learn to trust.

Madison the cat mom and her kittenChatons Orphelins Montréal

Late last year, Steph and Francis from Montreal, Canada noticed a couple of shiny orbs glaring under their neighbor's balcony one night. Upon inspection, they discovered kittens hopping around the area.

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Woman Gives Stray Kitten a Chance at a Full Life, Who Now Wears a Crooked Yet Gorgeous Smile Every Day

A woman gave a stray kitten a chance at a full life, who now wears a crooked yet gorgeous smile every day.

Zombi the kittenAhsen @zikrettinn

A stray kitten was brought into a vet clinic in poor condition. She was covered in filth and suffered from severe infections (including Calicivirus), which had caused tissue loss around her mouth.

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Kittens Found Underneath a House Have Lives Turned Around with the Help of Many Kind People

Kittens who were found underneath a house, have had their lives turned around with the help of many kind people.

Jae and DaniNikki Martinez

About a month ago, Nikki Martinez, a fosterer and rescuer based in Las Vegas, was informed about three kittens found under a young couple's house. The trio appeared to be sickly and were in need of medical attention.

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Kittens So Small and Brave Decide to Grow Strong Together as They Journey Their Way to Good Home

Kittens, so small and brave, decided to grow strong together as they journeyed their way to a good home.

Buddy and Walter the kittensLaura @fosterkittenpdx and Cassidy @daisycatphotography

Buddy and Walter, feline brothers, were surrendered to Cat Adoption Team (CAT) in Sherwood, Oregon, in mid March. At ten weeks old, they were just the size of a 5-week-old kitten.

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Cat Keeps Her Kittens Under a Trunk from the Rain Until They are Found and Taken into Warm Home

A cat kept her kittens under a trunk from the rain until they were found and taken into a warm home.

Little Wanderers NYC

A family from the Bronx, New York discovered three kittens born under a trunk in their yard. The cat mother tried to keep them warm and out of the rain, but the weather had been inclement and not safe for newborn babies. The homeowners moved them to a sheltered area and brought food to the mom.

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Kitten with a Stubby Leg Runs Around with His Sister In Bliss After They Were Given a Chance at Life

A kitten with a stubby leg runs around with his sister in bliss after they were given a chance at life.

Waffle the tripod kittenErin @catasticalmeows

Earlier this year, a Good Samaritan from Southern California discovered a litter of newborn kittens in her backyard. The cat mother left her three babies behind and didn't come back to care for them.

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