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Two Miracle Kittens Give Each Other Unwavering Support Since They Were 3 Days Old

Miracle kittens, Mila and Nina, have given each other unwavering support since they were three days old.

Nina the kittenBaby Kitten Rescue

From the day they were born, Mila and Nina had all the odds stacked up against them. They were found (with their siblings) left behind in the lobby of an emergency vet hospital at just three days old.

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Goldfruchtpalme » Giftig für Katzen? (Areca-Palme)

Die Goldfruchtpalme, auch Areca-Palme genannt, ist in Deutschland eine der beliebtesten Zimmerpflanzen und findet sich auch in so mancher deutschen Wohnung oder Wintergarten. Jedoch hält sich hartnäckig das Gerücht, dass die Goldfruchtpalme für Katzen giftig ist. Hier erfährst du, was du als Katzenhalter im Zusammenhang mit der Goldfruchtpalme beachten solltest.

Goldfruchtpalmen – Giftige Pflanzen für Katzen?

Die Goldfruchtpalme, mit wissenschaftlichem Namen “Dypsis Lutescens”, stammt ursprünglich aus Madagaskar. Die tropischen Pflanzen sind sehr dekorativ und deshalb zurecht in deutschen Haushalten sehr beliebt. Wegen der schönen Blätter mit den vielen feinen, schmalen Wedeln ist sie besonders schön anzusehen – und auch sehr interessant für Katzen…

Jedoch werden Goldfruchtpalmen oft für Giftpflanzen gehalten, wohl auch wegen ihrem exotischen Aussehen. Die Pflanze soll vor allem für Katzen und andere Haustiere, aber auch für Kinder gefährlich sein.

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Cat Rolls Around in Front of People that Took Him in After Years Wandering the Streets

A cat rolled around in front of the people that took him in after years wandering the streets.

Hubby the tabby catExploits Valley SPCA

A tomcat lovingly named Chubby Hubby had lived on the streets of a small town for many years. "He was a man about town who was being fed at several different houses," Sarah MacLeod of Exploits Valley SPCA told Love Meow.

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Mookie the Kitten Makes Quite a Turnaround After He was Given a Chance that Changed His Life

Mookie the kitten made quite a turnaround after he was given a chance that changed his life.

Mookie the kittenNewborn Kitten Rescue

A tiny ginger kitten came into an animal shelter as a singleton in rough shape. He was covered in fleas and had a severe upper respiratory infection (URI). Being so sickly, he could barely open his eyes and required intensive care.

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Kitten with 'Tail Meter' Curls Up on the Person Who Feeds Him After He Was Found Outside with 6 Littermates

A kitten with a "tail meter" curls up on the person who feeds him after he was found outside with his six littermates.

Oboe the kittenKitkatPlayroom

Oboe, an orange tabby kitten, was about 10 days old when he was found abandoned outside along with his six siblings. They were covered in dirt and many came with eye infections.

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The Heartwarming Story of Two Cats Looking Out for Each Other Since They were Newborn Kittens

These two cats have been looking out for each other since they were newborn kittens.

Laszlo and LestatYige Zhao

Laszlo and Lestat (cat brothers) have been a bonded pair since they were born. They were found as premature kittens in a backyard without a mother in sight. Orphan Kitten Club took them in along with their other siblings.

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Microchips vs. GPS Trackers

Back in January we published an article about lost cats and in it shared some statistics on lost cat behaviors, how many ultimately made it home, and how/where their guardians found them. We then introduced a GPS cat tracker from a company called Tractive that lets you follow your furry friend’s every step in real-time on your phone (sample screenshots below).

We felt that it would be helpful in this post to clarify a question we hear regularly … “what’s the difference between a microchip and a GPS tracker?“

Did you know your cat’s microchip will not help locate them if they go missing? Microchips can only help identify them after they’ve been found. But to keep your cat safe, you want to make sure they never go missing in the first place. That’s where GPS trackers like Tractive come in. With live GPS tracking technology, you can pinpoint your cat’s exact location instantly — saving you a lot of panic and heartache. 

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Cat Finds Himself a Crew of Kittens that Follow Him Around and They Won't Take No for an Answer

A cat found himself a crew of kittens that followed him around, and they wouldn't take no for an answer.

Jasper and his foster kittensKelsey @pennyandthefosters

Jasper, an orange tabby cat, has a soft spot for kittens in need. Ever since he found his forever home with Kelsey Minier (who fostered and adopted him), he's been assisting with kitten management every time Kelsey brings new fosters home.

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Stray Cat Seeking Affection from Everyone, Finds His Way onto People's Laps at an Office

A cat who was seeking affection from everyone, found his way onto people's laps at an office.

Mr. Panther the [email protected]

A young cat was spotted wandering outside with injured paws in the Bronx, New York. He continued to seek attention from people and hoped someone would take him in. It was clear from the start that he didn't belong to the tough street life.

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Blind Kittens Have an Extraordinary Bond As They Rely on Each Other in Every Way

Two blind kittens have an extraordinary bond as they rely on each other in every way.

Miley and PearlBest Friends Felines

Last month, a pair of kittens came to a veterinary clinic, needing rescue. They were both blind, covered in fleas and had stomach troubles. Best Friends Felines, a cat rescue based in Brisbane, AU, was notified about the duo and didn't hesitate to take them in.

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Cat Warms Up to a Dog When She Realizes They Can Co-parent Her Kittens Together

A cat warmed up to a dog when she realized they could co-parent her kittens together.

Raylan and his foster kittensLaura @raylan_the_dog

A one-year-old cat was brought into an animal shelter along with her six kittens. Laura, a foster volunteer, welcomed the feline family into her care, so the mother cat could start healing and have a comfy place to raise her litter.

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