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Kitten Nestles into People After Running into Their Carport, She Goes on to Help Other Animals Like Her

A kitten nestled into people after running into their carport. She went on to help other animals like her.

Allison @ilckenzoo

Late last month, a family from Florida came across a kitten who had been abandoned on a busy road. They were able to bring her to safety and find a foster home with AnimalLuvr's Dream Rescue.

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Cats for Cancer Patients: What You Need to Know

It’s no surprise that pets play a huge part in people’s lives. The role they play can range from recreation, to working animals, to support, and anything in between. In any case, they provide emotional support and truly can be one of our best friends. It’s safe to assume everyone sees their pet as a support animal, whether or not this is actually the case. However, these pets can actually play a crucial role in our lives when it comes to our health. In fact, trained support animals may help improve the quality of life when going through big changes, like being diagnosed with cancer, being hospitalized, or anything in between.

So what does a cat’s role look like in this scenario?

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Cat Comes to a Balcony and Decides to Begin New Life, He Turns Out to Be the Cutest 'Supervisor'

A cat came to a balcony and decided to begin a new life. He turned out to be the cutest "supervisor".

Luckyou the [email protected]

A long-haired tabby cat wandered his way to the right person for help over a year ago. He climbed up to a balcony and wolfed down the food a resident, Celine Crom, had prepared for a few local strays.

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Beyond Microchipping: Are Bluetooth & GPS Cat Trackers Worth Trying?

Cat owners know the importance of microchipping. In fact, many shelters roll it into their adoption fees.

Peeva, a pet identification and database headquartered in New York, notes in its survey that one third of pets are reported missing in their lifetime, while more than 80% of these pets are never found. A more recent, 2018 study found that 15% of cat owners lost their pets in a five-year period, many sadly not reunited. Meanwhile, 51% of cats escaped when moving into a new house, showing how a routine life event can go suddenly wrong.

Microchips have proven to be “extremely reliable,” working “100% of the time if scanned and properly registered.” But this assumes that good Samaritans encountering ostensibly lost cats will take them to a shelter, and that, once there, animal welfare professionals have the good sense to scan for a microchip.

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Cat Comes Knocking on Someone's Door and Ready to Be Picked Up, He's Turned into Big Mushy Hugger

A cat came knocking on someone's door and was ready to be picked up. He's turned into a big mushy hugger.

Horchata the catBoomers Buddies Rescue

A cat showed up outside a home in Highland Park, CA, where the family had been caring for another outdoor kitty. He appeared to have some old wounds but was very sweet from the get-go.

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Stray Cat Comes Running to Someone Calling to Him, Nestles into Her and Won't Let Go

A stray cat came running to someone calling to him. He nestled into her and wouldn't let go.

Lucky the catAlyssa DeHart

Alyssa DeHart, an animal rescuer based in Orlando, FL, was out on her evening walk one day when she noticed a stray cat wandering around her apartment complex. The tabby vanished into the bushes, but Alyssa couldn't stop thinking about him.

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