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5 Ways to Cat-Proof Your Fish Tank

Whether you’re bringing a fish tank into a home with a cat, or vice versa, this article has everything you need to know to help them peacefully cohabitate.

You’ll learn five of the best ways to keep even the most determined felines out of the fish tank and away from your fish.

Whether you attribute it to the popularity of Finding Nemo or the proliferation of beautiful, accessible, affordable freshwater fish, there’s no doubt that fishkeeping has become more popular as a hobby in recent decades.

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Kittens Help Each Other Get Back on Their Feet After They Were Found Together Without a Mother

A pair of kittens helped each other get back on their feet after they were found together without a mother.

Merlot and Rosé the kittensMurphy's Law Animal Rescue

Rosé and Merlot, two calico sisters, were brought into an animal shelter in North Carolina, in need of rescue. They were the remaining two of their litter that had survived without a mother caring for them.

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Blind Kitten Becomes Completely Affectionate Overnight After Man Took Her in

A blind kitten became completely affectionate overnight after a man took her in.

Oracle the blind kittenLittle Wanderers NYC

A week ago, Sunny, an animal rescuer from Little Wanderers NYC, was alerted about a kitten found in a neighborhood in the Bronx, New York. She sprang into action alongside a local cat colony carer to get the tabby to safety.

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Cat Sits Outside Building in the Same Spot for Days Until Woman Comes to Him, He Turns into Instant Lap Cat

A cat sat in the same spot outside a building for days until a woman came to him. He turned into an instant lap cat.

Capone the catPuppy Kitty NYCity

Meagan from Puppy Kitty NYCity, a NYC based animal rescue, was notified about a cat who had been abandoned outside a building, and "sat frozen in fear" in the same spot for a few days.

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Feral Cat Warms Up to Her Rescuer When She Realizes Her Kittens are in Good Hands

A feral cat warmed up to her rescuer when she realized her kittens were in good hands.

Ricky the cat and her kittensSalty Animal Rescue

Karly Saltarski, cofounder of Salty Animal Rescue, had been assisting the owners of a property to rescue feral barn cats in their area. When she was contacted about a young cat mother and her newborns, she didn't hesitate to take them in.

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Kitten Born Outside Grows Up Clinging to Her People So She Won't Be Alone Again

A kitten who was born outside, grew up clinging to her people, so she wouldn't be alone again.

Uno the kittenBe Their Voice Animal Rescue

Uno, a diluted calico, was born outside to a feral cat. She was separated from her mother too early and found herself neglected and in need of rescue. Marlena, the founder of Be Their Voice Animal Rescue (in Atlanta, GA), learned about her plight and sprang into action.

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10-year-old Cats Share a Remarkable Bond, Have Been Waiting 6 Months for Their Dream Home Together

Two10-year-old cats who share a remarkable bond, have been waiting six months for their dream home together.

Angus and Milo the cat brothersSarah Sylvester

Milo (tabby) and Angus (black) came to Nashville Cat Rescue when their owner could no longer care for them, due to health issues. They were 10 years old and had been a bonded pair since birth.

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Kitten Found in the Basement of a Building Gets Complete Transformation and Happily-ever-after

A kitten who was found in the basement of a building, got a complete transformation and his happily-ever-after.

Lucky Seven the kittenLittle Wanderers NYC

For many years, Sarena, a resident from the Bronx, New York, has been working alongside her local rescue, Little Wanderers NYC to help stray and feral cats in her neighborhood.

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Feral Kitten Turns into an Attention Seeker After She's Given a Taste of Indoor Life

A feral kitten turned into an attention seeker after she was given a taste of indoor life.

Potato the kittenAshley Morrison

Potato the kitten came to Ashley's Kitten Academy, a cat rescue in Washington, as a very timid cat. She was born outside, raised by a feral cat (who was later spayed and vetted), and desperately needed socialization.

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Cat Taken into a Rescue for Help, a Few Days Later She Brings 6 Kittens into the World

A cat arrived at a rescue for help. A few days later, she brought six kittens into the world.

Best Friends Felines

Best Friends Felines, a cat rescue in Brisbane, AU, was contacted by a member of the public who needed assistance with her pregnant cat. The rescue agreed to take her into their Last Litter Program, help raise the kittens and find them homes.

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Family Cat Takes Over Parenting Duties for an Abandoned Kitten and Doesn't Leave His Side

A family cat took over parenting duties for an abandoned kitten and never left his side.

Kurt the kitten and Quinn the catMelissa

Early this month, Amy was contacted by one of her neighbors about an abandoned kitten needing help. She had previously rescued a kitten, and word got out. When another cat in need was found, the neighbor reached out to her.

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Cat Has Been Living Outside for So Long, is Indoors with Her Kittens for the First Time

A cat who has been living outside for so long, is indoors with her kittens for the first time.

Rebecca the cat and her kitten KevinAllison @ilckenzoo

Earlier this month, a Good Samaritan from Florida found a litter of kittens outside a home. They were situated in a pile of doors on the side of the house. The finder reached out to a local rescue, Animalluvr's Dream Rescue, for help.

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