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Pelziger Pinguin

Hier mal wieder ein Schnappschuss von dem schönen Katzenkönig Simba. Man könnte fast meinen, da sitzt ein pelziger Pinguin … ohne Schnabel, dafür mit Schwanz Foto: Nadja Olschewsky

(Originally posted by Renate)

Lone Kitten Stuck in Drain Pipe Gets Help and is Reunited with Her Cat Family

A lone kitten who was stuck in a drain pipe, got help and was reunited with her cat family.

Catsnip Etc

Workers at a factory in Elkhart County, Indiana found a feral cat mother with her kittens needing rescue. While they were trying to get the kittens to safety, one of them panicked, dashed towards a gutter, and jumped straight down.

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Tortie Kitten Gets Back on Her Feet After a Rough Start and Develops Quite the Cattitude

A tortie kitten got back on her feet after a rough start, and developed quite the cattitude.

Tara at The Mad Catters

A tiny kitten was picked up as a lonesome stray and brought into an after-hours vet clinic. "She was found scavenging through bin rooms in an industrial area," Tara, the founder of The Mad Catters Feline Rescue, shared with Love Meow.

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Family Took in Stray Kitten without Knowing They Needed Her Just as Much as She did Them

A family took in a stray kitten without knowing they needed her just as much as she did them.

Ellah the kittenFoster Kitten Mama

Three years ago, Heidi Shoemaker said her goodbyes to a beloved young friend named Bellah, and was left with a heavy heart. Later that same day, she received a message about a tiny kitten needing help.

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Cat Walking Around Lost, Finds Kind Person to Let Her In, So Her Kittens Can Have Better Life

A cat who was walking around lost, found a kind person to let her in, so her kittens could have a better life.

Willow the cat and her kittensTiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue

A Good Samaritan spotted a cat wandering outside homeless and tried to help search for her family. After asking around, posting on social media, and waiting for a response, no one came to claim her (she wasn't microchipped either).

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Kitten from an Attic Adores His Plushy and Insists on Carrying it Everywhere

A kitten who was found in an attic, adores his plushy and insists on carrying it everywhere.

Loom the kittenChatons Orphelins Montreal

A good Samaritan discovered a scruffy stray kitten in the attic of her workplace, but found no sign of a mother cat or siblings. They took the kitten home and tried to help him but soon realized that he would need more care than they could provide.

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Kitten Spotted Underneath Homeowner's Deck, is Welcomed in By a Cat and Raised as Her Own

A kitten was spotted underneath a homeowner's deck. He was welcomed in by a cat and raised as her own.

Danny and his new siblingsDorset Rescue Kittens

One week ago, Cailey Seymour, the founder of Dorset Rescue Kittens, was notified about an orphaned grey tabby needing help. The kitten had somehow wandered his way underneath a deck, and kept crying for help until the homeowner, Pat, heard his plea.

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Kitten Who Can't See, Now Has Another Cat to Help Him Navigate and Learn to Be Brave

A kitten who can't see, now has another cat to help him navigate and learn to be brave.

Waffles and MochiSaving Grace Rescue

A 4-week-old kitten with severely infected eyes was brought into Saving Grace Rescue (in San Francisco) for a chance at a better life. The kitten named Mochi was in rough shape and had lost sight in both eyes.

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Kitten Found at Auto Shop Has Lots of 'Opinions' to Tell Throughout Her Rescue Journey

A kitten who was found at an auto shop, has a lot of "opinions" to tell throughout her rescue journey.

Lexus the kittenNewborn Kitten Rescue

About two months ago, four 3-week-old kittens came to Newborn Kitten Rescue via Arizona Humane Society. They had been found at an auto shop, and were named after cars (Lexus, Bronco, Porsche, and Tacoma).

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Cat Brought Kittens to a Balcony Seeking Help, The 2 Littles Haven't Left Each Other's Side Since

A cat brought her kittens to a balcony seeking help. The two littles haven't left each other's side since.

Bagel and Croissant the kittensPatricia Lika

A family from Las Vegas was surprised to discover two kittens who had been left outside on their balcony. They were very young and small, so the finders wanted to wait for the mother to return.

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Cat Left Behind Outside, is Scooped Up by Kind People, Turns Out, They Rescue Her Kittens too

A cat who had been left behind in a neighborhood, was scooped up by kind people. As it turned out, they rescued her kittens too.

Tails the catBest Friends Felines

A cat named Tails was spotted in a neighborhood of Brisbane, Australia, scrounging around for food and shelter. Her previous owners had moved away and left her behind to fend for herself.

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Kitten Chatters and Chirps with Everyone, Hoping to Find a Place of Her Own

A kitten chatters and chirps with everyone and hopes to find a place of her own.

Betty Boop the kittenAlyssa @alycatsandfriends

A black and white kitten was found on the streets of South Los Angeles and brought into a local animal shelter. She was about five weeks old with a scrawny torso, a pair of large ears and long whiskers. She had a lot of growing and filling out to do.

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Sweet Dog Takes Two Kittens into Her Care and Knows Just What They Needed

A sweet dog took two kittens into her care and knew just what they needed.

Encore the kitten and Ginger the dogSusan Hicks

Two kittens, Encore and Pax, were just two weeks old when they were transferred from the San Bernardino shelter to Saving Pets One at a Time (SPOT). They needed round-the-clock bottle feeding, so Susan Hicks, a foster volunteer of SPOT, took them in with open arms.

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Cat Crawls into Woman's Lap and Decides to Choose Her After He's Roamed Outside for a Long Time

A cat crawled into a woman's lap and decided to choose her after he'd roamed around outside for a long time.

Feta the catAshley @sprinkle.of.feta

Feta the cat with a crinkled ear had a tough time braving the outdoors. He wandered into a cat colony, scrounging for food, where he ended up with battle scratches from other cats. At three years old, he was rough around the edges.

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