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Kitten Comes to Family as a Timid Stray but Starts to Learn to Be Brave with Help of Their Cat

A kitten came to a family as a timid stray and started to learn to be brave with the help of their cat.

Pepper the kittenSalty Animal Rescue

Two kittens arrived at Salty Animal Rescue in Ontario, Canada in need of a lot of TLC. Salt (cream) and Pepper (tabby) were paired up at the Hamilton Animal Services as both of them were deemed under-socialized.

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Stray Kitten is So Excited to Be in a House that She Starts 'Supervising' Everyone

A stray kitten was so excited to be in a house that she started "supervising" everyone.

Nannah the kittenChatons Orphelins Montreal

A tiny kitten was found wandering outside all alone in a residential area in Montreal, Canada. She was barely five weeks old without a mother and siblings in sight. A Good Samaritan spotted the kitten and noticed how hungry she was for food and attention.

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Kittens Found in Tire-filled Tractor Trailer by Kind People Who Turn Their Lives Around

These three kittens were found in a tractor trailer by kind people who turned their lives around.

Murphy's Law Animal Rescue

It was nothing short of miraculous when three little kittens were saved from a tractor trailer at a tire recycling company. A worker was unloading the trailer and was shocked to discover the litter of kittens huddled up amongst the tires.

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Kittens from Different Litters Didn't Know They Needed Each Other Until Woman Seeks to Adopt Them

Two kittens from different litters didn't know they needed each other until a woman sought to adopt them.

Best of friendsKitkat Playroom

Lauren said her goodbyes to her beloved cat, Leo, last May, and was left with a void that she couldn't fill. A month later, she began looking at adoption sites as she yearned for that bond again.

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Kitten With Many Extra Beans Like His Cat Mother Figures Out How to Jump and Climb Like a Champ

A kitten with many toe beans just like his cat mother has figured out how to jump and climb like a champ.

Summer the kitten and Sarasota the cat momAlley Cat Rescue

Sarasota the cat and her only kitten Summer were brought into an animal shelter in Los Angeles. The kitten took after his mom (a polydactyl) with extra toes on both front and back paws.

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Kitten Who Has Been Wandering Outside, Runs Toward Woman Who Changes Her Life Completely

A kitten who had been wandering outside, ran towards a woman who changed her life completely.

Rue the [email protected]

Nadija, an animal rescuer and fosterer for AnimalLuvr's Dream Rescue, was contacted about a kitten that had been hanging around a resident's home. The little stray was just skin and bones, and her face was covered in crust.

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Cats Found Behind a House, Raise Their Kittens, Hope for a Place Where They'll Always Have Each Other

Two cats who were found behind a house, raised their kittens and hoped for a place where they would always have each other.

Betty and Yeti and their little mini-meSalem Friends of Felines

Two fluffy white cats were found behind a residence along with a carrier. They were dirty, hungry but friendly from the get-go. The finder took them in, cleaned them up and provided food and water.

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Kitten with 'Pirate' Smile Comes Out of His Shell and Shines When He No Longer Needs to Hide

A kitten with a 'pirate' smile came out of his shell and began to shine when he no longer needed to hide.

Uno the kitten and Hagrid the catJen @pokeypotpie

Jen who fosters for City Dogs and City Kitties Rescue (in Washington DC), was contacted about a kitten with a damaged eye. He had been brought into a local shelter and was in desperate need of rescue.

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Dürfen Katzen Hundefutter essen?

Leben Hund und Katze zusammen in einem Haushalt, ist ein Interesse am Futter des jeweils Anderen vorprogrammiert. Womöglich ist das Futter des anderen Vierbeiners leckerer? Auch Futterneid mag in so mancher Hund-Katze-Beziehung eine Rolle spielen.

Wir erklären dir, warum es keine gute Idee ist, einer Katze Hundefutter zu geben und wie schädlich es für Samtpfoten ist.


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Couple Find Lone Kitten Waiting on the Side of the Road, They Can't Leave Him Behind

A couple found a lone kitten who was waiting on the side of the road for help. They couldn't leave him behind.

Kissamos the kittenOlivia @kissamostherescue

Olivia and her partner were on a trip to Elafonissi, Crete, Greece when they had a special encounter near Kissamos. When they stopped by a row of olive trees, a little blob of orange caught their eye.

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4 Kittens Found Just Days After Birth, Shower Each Other with Hugs Throughout Their Journey to Dream Homes

Four kittens who were found just days after birth, showered each other with hugs throughout their journey to their dream homes.

Kaitlyn @foster.rinse.repeat

A litter of kittens were found near the beaches in Jacksonville, Florida, in desperate need of rescue. Their cat mother sadly passed away and left behind four little tabbies at just a few days old.

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Cat with One Blind Eye Has Her Only Kitten Indoors Comfortably, and Hopes for Their Happily Ever After

A cat with one blind eye had her only kitten indoors comfortably. She hopes for their happily ever after together.

Remille the mother and Hardy the sonChatons Orphelins Montreal

A tabby cat named Remille was rescued from a cat colony on a farm in Montreal, Canada. She was found covered in mats and filth and in desperate need of medical attention.

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Kitten with Happiest 'Smile' Wobbles into Arms of a Shelter Employee and Determined to Go Home with Her

A kitten with the happiest "smile" wobbled into the arms of a shelter employee and was determined to go home with her.

Mr. Beesley the kittenKayla

Kayla who works for Salem Friends of Felines (a cat shelter in Oregon), didn't expect to come to the office one day and have her heart completely won over by a wobbly kitten.

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