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Cat is All Snuggles and Purrs for Being Indoors Again After Living Outside for Quite Some Time

A cat is all snuggles and purrs for being indoors again after having lived outside for quite some time.

Mr. Waffles the catFriends for Life Rescue Network

A 10-year-old cat was brought into Orange County Animal Care, rough around the edges and in need of a lot of TLC. His crusty skin, infected ears were the telltale signs of him having braved the streets as a stray, for quite some time.

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Cat Finds Comfy Place After Roaming Outside for Years, She Has 2 Kittens that No One Expected

A cat found a comfy place after roaming outside for years. She had two kittens that no one expected.

Mulan the catChatons Orphelins Montreal

A scruffy, scrawny cat was spotted in a neighborhood of Montreal, Canada, in need of help. Right before she was found, a few good Samaritans were in the area trying to save another cat of the same age.

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Deine Katze richtig füttern – falsches Futter macht krank

Heutzutage sterben die meisten Katzen an Nierenerkrankungen und im Wesentlichen ist schlechtes Katzenfutter daran schuld. Die zumeist darin enthaltenen Inhaltsstoffe sind schädlich für Katzen. Hier erfährst du, worauf du beim Einkauf von Katzenfutter achten solltest, damit deine Katze gesund bleibt.

Entlarven von minderwertigem Katzenfutter

Im Kleingedruckten verbergen Futterhersteller die minderwertigen Inhaltsstoffe ihres Futters. Mit wohlklingenden Bezeichnungen erscheinen sie in der Zutatenliste auf der Futterdose. Es ist also wichtig, zu verstehen, was diese Begriffe bedeuten.

Die Hersteller müssen in der „Zusammensetzung“ die Bestandteile des Futters angeben, und zwar in absteigender Aufreihung. Am Anfang der Liste ist also die Zutat mit dem größten Anteil zu finden, am Ende die mit dem kleinsten. Das ist der Grund, weshalb die Zutatenliste bei Billigfutter nicht mit Fleisch beginnt, sondern zumeist mit Reis, Rübenschnitzel bzw. pflanzlichen und tierischen Nebenerzeugnissen.

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Kitten Melts into the Person Who Took Him in, and Starts Wriggling Around Happily with His Twisted Feet

A kitten melted into the person who took him in, and started wriggling around happily with his twisted feet.

Remy the kittenStray Cat Network

Earlier this week, Stray Cat Network, an animal rescue in New York, was informed about a tabby kitten who was in desperate need of rescue. They noticed his deformed back legs and knew they had to help him.

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Kitten Climbs Up His People for Taking Him in, Talks Up a Storm, and Immediately Takes to Their Cats

A kitten climbed up his people for taking him in, talked up a storm, and immediately took to their cats.

Sir Max the kittenTara @mickeythemanxkitty

Tara never expected that a trip to pick up something for her patio would wind up landing her a new addition to the family. A couple of months ago, she was out running errands when she learned about a kitten needing a home.

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Tiny Kitten Who Has a Lot to Say, Comes Up to Another Kitten and Decides They Will Never Be Apart

A tiny kitten who had a lot to say, came up to another kitten one day and decided they would never be apart.

Best of friendsMurphy's Law Animal Rescue

A calico kitten was brought into an animal shelter (in North Carolina) with her siblings. She was very small, behind in her milestones, and the only one that still needed round-the-clock bottle feedings.

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Kitten Just a Quarter the Size Of What He Should Be, Blossoms into Beautiful Young Cat

A kitten who was just a quarter the size of what he should have been, blossomed into a beautiful young cat.

Henry the kittenBest Friends Felines

On one Saturday, Best Friends Felines, a cat rescue in Brisbane, AU, was contacted about a miniature kitten needing urgent help. He was the runt of the litter and had been rejected by the cat mother.

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