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Stray Kitten Who Made It Through Hurricane Ian, Becomes Little Protector to Another Kitten in Need

A stray kitten who made it through Hurricane Ian, became a little protector to another kitten in need.

Rumi the [email protected]

Rumi the kitten was found outside as a stray during Hurricane Ian, and brought in to a local veterinary clinic for help. A veterinarian stepped up to take her in and nursed her back to health with frequent feedings and care.

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Cat Lovers Holiday Gift Guide for 2022

As the holidays approach and the festive spirit returns, we’re pleased to share our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Cat Lovers. Following is our curated collection of thoughtful, practical and unique feline-centric gift ideas for adults, kids, and of course, our beloved cats!


1.  Kitty Poo Club

Kitty Poo Club is an all-in-one litter box solution that is designed to last an entire month for one cat.  Get a brand new recyclable litter box delivered to your door every month to keep your home odor free and clean. No more scrubbing out a plastic litter box! Just recycle your used litter box at the end of use and a new one arrives at your door. You can customize your order with 6 different types of litter to choose from:  Clay, Corn & Wheat, Silica Crystal, Fine-Grain Silica Crystal, Diatomite, and Organic Soy. All of these litter options have NO scents, dyes, or chemicals and shipping is FREE! Kitty Poo Club has over 22,000 5-star reviews, so join the most popular litter box subscription service and never worry about your cat’s litter again. Right now get 20% OFF your first litter box order with coupon code ‘PURR20’ at checkout (new customers only). Get it here.

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Haarausfall: Die Katze leckt sich Fell weg – Warum?

Katzen sind dafür bekannt, dass sie ihr Fell durch regelmäßiges Putzen ganz alleine sauber halten. Aber die Fellpflege der Katze kann auch krankhafte Züge annehmen. Wenn sich Katzen selbst kahle Stellen lecken, sollte der Ursache für dieses Verhalten dringend auf den Grund gegangen werden.

Du hast bei deiner Katze einen Haarausfall, vielleicht sogar kahle Stellen im Fell entdeckt? Mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit ist die Ursache dafür Feline selbstinduzierte Alopezie (FSA). Hört sich kompliziert an? Ist aber im Grunde leicht erklärt: Deine Katze leckt sich Fell weg. Das ist mit Abstand der häufigste Grund für Haarausfall bei Katzen.

Durch ein gesteigertes Putzverhalten sorgt die Katze bei der Leckalopezie selbst für ihren Haarausfall und kahle Stellen im Katzenfell.

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Kitten is Accepted by a Cat and Her Litter of Eight and It Changes Everything

A kitten was accepted by a cat and her litter of eight, and it changed everything.

Buffy the kittenCourtney @we_foster_kittens

A tiny grey kitten named Buffy was born to a feral cat and ended up being the sole survivor of her litter. Her cat mother didn't show any interest in raising her kittens, and Buffy had to be hand-reared around the clock.

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Cat Starts to Open Up When She Realizes Her Six Look-alike Kittens are in Best Hands

A cat started to open up when she realized her six look-alike kittens were in the best hands.

Taylor the cat and her little mini-mesHeidi Shoemaker

A tuxedo cat and her litter of six were brought into a shelter in Wichita, KS, desperately needing rescue. Heidi Shoemaker of Foster Kitten Mama (in CO) learned about their situation and rushed to help.

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Cat Arrives at Someone's Home for Food and Decides to Lead Them to Her Kittens One Day

A cat arrived at someone's home for food and decided to lead them to her kittens one day.

Calie the cat mom and her kittensChatons Orphelins Montreal

A tortoiseshell cat showed up in a family's yard earlier this year, scrounging around for something to eat. Mel and Kurt, a couple, saw the scrawny stray and offered her food and water.

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Here’s a holiday contest sure to make you smile … from Cats Paw Books comes a Christmas story like no other: WRECK THE HALLS: 12 Bad Cats Celebrate Christmas. This delicious little holiday book is full of cat humor and gorgeous photos. Best of all you could WIN a copy! (contest details below).

A passel of frolicsome felines led by the notorious Apple Brothers (Pippin, Macintosh and Fuji), wreaks havoc in their owner’s house as they topple the Christmas tree, delete the Christmas card file, sabotage shortbread cooking-making, hide nativity ornaments . . . and more. Sound familiar?

Will all eventually be well? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

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Cat Has Been Raising Kittens from Different Litters, is So Relieved When Someone Comes to Help Her

A cat had been raising kittens from different litters and was so relieved to get some help one day.

Gianna the cat and her kittensBestFriendsFelines

Best Friends Felines, a cat rescue in Brisbane, AU, received a phone call about a cat mother and her kittens needing help. "(They) found themselves at one of the vets' that we work alongside. However, this was an unusual family," Nikki of Best Friends Felines shared.

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Cat Who was Once Misunderstood, Begins to Shine Knowing Her Kittens Can Now Have Full Lives

A cat who was once misunderstood, began to shine knowing that her kittens could now have full lives.

Cherry the cat and her kittensEllen @foster_kitten_tails

A stray cat had been living outside, relying on the kindness of strangers for food and shelter. On a cold morning this fall, a homeowner discovered that she had a litter of three kittens under a bush in their yard.

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