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Das richtige Futter für Britisch Kurzhaar Katzen

Die Ernährungsbedürfnisse der Britisch Kurzhaar Katze

Wie jede andere Katze ist auch die British Shorthair ein Fleischfresser. Die Natur hat den Körper der Katze perfekt für das Fangen und Fressen von kleinen Beutetieren ausgestattet: Ihre überlegenen Sinne, Reaktionsschnelligkeit und Sprungkraft machen sie gepaart mit scharfen Krallen und Zähnen zu einem perfekten Jäger.

Und auch das Verdauungssystem ist ausschließlich für die Verwertung von Fleisch ausgelegt: Das lässt sich leicht an ihrem Darm erkennen. Während Pflanzenfresser im Verhältnis zu ihrer Körpergröße einen sehr langen Darm benötigen, um nährstoffarme Pflanzen zu verdauen, haben Carnivore wie die Katze einen kurzen Darm.

Für eine gesunde Ernährung braucht die Britisch Kurzhaar also vor allem viel Fleisch. Das umfasst sowohl Muskelfleisch als auch Innereien wie Herz, Magen oder Leber. Denn gutes Katzenfutter sollte immer so gut es geht ein Beutetier der Katze nachahmen. Denn die Maus sind das beste Futter für Katzen. Sie wird mit Haut, Haaren und allen Innereien verspeist, sogar die Knochen dienen als Kalzium-Lieferant.

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Cat Transforms Completely After Years Living Outside, Finally Has What He's Been Searching for

A cat transformed completely after years living outside, and finally has what he's been searching for.

Garfield the catWhitney Malin

Earlier this year, Whitney Malin, an animal rescuer based in New Jersey, found an orange tabby cat in desperate need of rescue. He was in very rough shape with a severe wound on his back that was covered in maggots.

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Cat Walked Up to People for a Place to Stay, a Month Later, They Discovered She was Pregnant All Along

A cat walked up to people looking for a place to stay. A month later, they discovered she was pregnant all along.

Mama Calico and her [email protected]_animal_aid

A calico cat was spotted meowing and walking up to people on the street, trying to get someone to notice her. Alina Lazaryeva of Kuwait Animal Aid knew she had to help.

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Cat and Her Only Kitten Accept Another Kitten as Their Own and Give Her a Better Life

A cat and her only kitten accepted another kitten as their own, and gave her a better life.

Maple the cat and Cider the kittenJenn @nashfosterkittens

A calico cat, Maple, was found outside after having given birth to a single kitten, Cider. They were brought into Metro Animal Care and Control (MACC), but unbeknownst to the finder, she still had two more in her belly.

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Cat Found in a Warehouse Gives His Best Poses Hoping to Land a Dream Home After 1.5 Years

A cat who was found in a warehouse, gives his best poses hoping to land a dream home after 1.5 years.

Gavin the [email protected]

Gavin was found in a warehouse when he was a small kitten desperately needing medical attention. He couldn't use his hindquarters but continued to meow for attention and exhibit a strong will to live.

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Homeowner Finds a Kitten Sitting in Her Front Yard, Later Discovers 4 More and a Cat Needing Her Help

A homeowner found a kitten sitting in her front yard, and later discovered four more and a cat needing her help.


A tabby kitten was spotted all by himself in a family's front yard. The cat mother never returned for him and the homeowner wasn't able to locate her at the time. She scooped up the starving little kitten and tried to get him some help.

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Cat Makes Incredible Transformation and Turns into a Kitten-sitter After Leaving the Tough Outdoors

A cat made an incredible transformation and turned into a kitten-sitter after leaving the tough outdoors.

Sinbad the catGood Karma Pet Rescue

Sinbad the cat was found wandering outside in rough shape early this year. He was just skin and bones, battling multiple skin conditions, covered in crust and sores, and near the end of his road.

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Kitten Goes from Stumbling Around to Running and Jumping Again in Just a Few Weeks

A kitten went from stumbling around to running and jumping again in just a few weeks.

Cheeky the kittenLaura @fosterkittenpdx

Cheeky, a tortoiseshell kitten, was two weeks old when she arrived at Cat Adoption Team (CAT) with her siblings. They were in need of a bottle feeder, and Laura, a volunteer of the shelter, stepped up to help.

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22 Year Old Cat is So Happy to Be Out of Shelter, Have Full Belly and Comfy Place to Spend Her Golden Years

A 22-year-old cat is so happy to be out of the shelter, and have a full belly and a comfy place to spend her golden years.

Thelma the catbestfriendsfelines

In early October, a cat was surrendered to a local shelter in Brisbane (AU) when she was at the ripe old age of 22. "Her family are no longer able to afford her care due to the rising costs of living," Nikki of Best Friends Felines shared.

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Cat Comes Back to People that Were Kind to Him, and is Ready to Move In After Years Outside

A cat came back to the people that had helped him, and was ready to move indoors after years outside.

Baron the [email protected]

An elusive cat named Baron had earned quite a reputation in a neighborhood for wandering the streets for at least two years. He was fed by kind neighbors and had outsmarted many humane traps set out to rescue him.

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Backyard Kitten Finds 'Purrfect' Family to Raise Her, Her Personality Will Melt Your Heart

A backyard kitten has found the "purrfect" family to raise her. Her larger-than-life personality will melt your heart.

Resident cat Tortellini and Lavender the kittenHaley @fosterpetsofsac

It was on a very hot summer day when a Good Samaritan discovered a lone kitten in their backyard. They couldn't find the mother or other siblings, and the kitten likely had been left behind.

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