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Couple Went to Shelter to Adopt a Cat But Couldn’t Leave His Seeing Eye Kitten Behind

A couple from Maryland went to the shelter to adopt a cat but found two feline best friends instead.

imageAnne Arundel County Animal Care and Control

Jill Mardesich and her fiancé visited Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control in hopes of finding their resident cat Penny a new friend. As they were looking around at kitties, one of them stood out.

"I met Lucky Bear. He was born with no eyes, but he is the sweetest cuddly thing I've ever seen," Jill wrote.

Lucky Bear, a 2-year-old ginger cat, and his best friend Pumba, a 4-month-old kitten, came to the shelter last month after their family could no longer provide the care they needed. Their former owner brought them to the shelter, hoping to get them a chance at a better life.

imageJill Mardesich

Despite being blind, Lucky Bear doesn't think he's any different. He has always been without sight and being blind is just who he is. On the day he arrived, he quickly showed everyone what an expert cuddler he is.

The next day, Lucky Bear found himself snuggling with visitors and volunteers. Jill was completely smitten when she met the ginger boy who naturally made his way into her arms. While they were cuddling, Pumba hopped onto her shoulders as if to say "take me home, too."

imageJill Mardesich

Jill couldn't resist the two affectionate feline friends. The special bond they share was apparent from the start.

Pumba is Lucky Bear's seeing eye, guiding him everywhere they go. When the kitten goes to eat, his buddy comes along. "Pumba is good at showing him around," Jill said.

imageJill Mardesich

The kitten who grew up with Lucky Bear, seems to know exactly what his buddy needs and wants. They share this amazingly beautiful connection — Lucky Bear was born with no eyes and Pumba became his eyes. Together, they are complete.

Last week, they moved into their new home, and the two quickly settled in.

imageJill Mardesich

"I finally brought them home (last) Wednesday and everyone seems to be getting along," Jill added.

The sweet boys, now Lucky (ginger) and Charon (black and gray), have been cuddling with their humans since they arrived. They love their new abode and enjoy spending time with their new sister, Penny.

imageJill Mardesich

The couple went to the shelter to look for a cat, but ended up being chosen by two bonded feline friends.

imageAnne Arundel County Animal Care and Control

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Original author: Amy Bojo
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