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Kitten Born with Cleft Lip Saved At a Few Days Old and Grew to Be a Gorgeous Lady Cat

Two years ago, a tiny kitten was found along with a litter that was orphaned at just a few days old. They were brought to a veterinary clinic, and right away they saw something very special in this kitten.

Unlike her siblings, the black and white kitty was born with a cleft lip. They named her Piglet.

Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat

Despite having a cleft lip, Piglet's palate is 100% normal and she can breathe just fine. They started bottle feeding the kittens around the clock. The fur babies were very vulnerable due to being orphaned at such a young age.

After a lot of effort and many sleepless nights, they were nursed back to health. A vet tech who works at a special and emergency vet hospital, met Piglet when her eyes were still closed and her ears hadn't stood up.

It was love at first sight.

Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat

The sweet kitty loved attention and cuddles.

Having a cleft lip didn't slow her down. She was such a champ when she ate.

Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat

As she grew bigger, she became more curious and brave.

Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat

The vet tech became her forever human. As soon as she moved into her new home, she started running around the place like she owned it.

Piglet is a playful, rambunctious kitty who doesn't think she is any different.

Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat

"Piglet has seen many vets and all agree that she is healthy and there are no surgical repairs to be made," Human Mom said.

Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat

She has a shorter lower jaw, but so far, she hasn't had any issues with it.

"As of now, her cleft is purely aesthetic and shouldn't cause any issues except excessive cuteness."

Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat

One of her favorite things to do is to hold paws with her human mom.

Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat

"(She is) adventurous, loving and unphased by her cleft," Human Mom said.

"Piglet is a super cat with a super personality!"

Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat

Falling asleep in her human's lap.

Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat

She's purrfect!

Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat

It's been over two years since she was rescued from an uncertain fate.

Piglet has grown to be a beautiful lady cat with a long, fluffy tail and a face that steals hearts.

Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat

When she met a Canine friend in need, she came over to offer a cuddle. "Littlefoot is a sweet 2.5lbs Chihuahua who was rescued from a high kill LA shelter."

While Littlefoot was recovering, Piglet cuddled up to her to give her some much-needed comfort and the same love that she received when she was rescued.

Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat

Piglet is all grown up now at two years and three months old but still so little. She's very petite, but has a big heart!

The sweet kitty purrs when you give her cuddles and fills the house with endless entertainment and joy.

Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat

Tiny Piglet!

All grown up now! Happy and loved :).

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