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Kitten Born With Tiny Eyes Is As Happy as Can Be Despite the Sad Face

Cheese the kitten may have the saddest face but he's a happy kitty who was born with tiny eyes.

imageMeow Parlour

Cheese was surrendered by his owner then rescued and brought to Meow Parlour in New York City for a chance at a better life.

Right away, they noticed his perpetual frown, but the kitty wasn't sad at all. He was born with a congenital condition called microphthalmia, in which the eyeballs are much smaller than normal.

But that doesn't stop Cheese from doing everything that other cats can do. "He's a happy kitty and doesn't require any special medical care," Christina Ha of Meow Parlour shared with Love Meow.

imageMeow Parlour

Cheese is happy, healthy and his condition only adds to his cuteness. He never ceases to amaze people with the things that he can accomplish. He loves attention and is a social, docile and affectionate little boy.

He quickly won many people's hearts on social media with his adorable little face that is impossible to say no to.

imageMeow Parlour

Despite having smaller eyes, he is just as playful and rambunctious as any other kitten.

Similar to BenBen the ginger rescue, they both have a pair of sad eyes and are a bit clumsy at times, but they are the happiest kitties with adorable personalities.

imageMeow Parlour

When he was ready for his next adventure, he was quickly snatched up by a loving family.

A few days after adoption, they went back to Meow Parlour to give Cheese a big surprise.

imageMeow Parlour

They came home with a new feline friend Koko (formerly Matcha) and the two kitties quickly hit it off.

"He is very excited about the new family addition and wants to play non-stop. He doesn't seem to realize yet that Koko will be the one ruling the house," the Meow Parlour said.

"We love every single adoption that we do, but it's truly special to have adopters come back for another one."

imageMeow Parlour

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Original author: Amy Bojo
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