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Kitten Comes to Vet Clinic for Help and Ends Up Running the Place like a Boss

Kitten Comes to Vet Clinic for Help and Ends Up Running the Place like a Boss

A kitten came to a vet clinic for help and ended up running the place like a boss.

cute kitten yellingBobby the [email protected]

A 4-week-old orange tabby was brought into Warwick Vet Hospital in Perth, AU, in need of emergency care. He was lethargic upon arrival and could barely breathe.

Staff immediately provided oxygen therapy and brought life back into his tiny body. "We discovered after x-rays that he had pneumonia. Both his lungs were affected, but his right was severely compromised," Kate Hayes, a vet nurse, shared with Love Meow.

"He was started on antibiotics straightaway. He didn't particularly like them, but they were necessary."

kitten sleepingHe came to the vet in need of urgent [email protected]

The kitten was lovingly named Bobby, and for the first few days, he rested up plentifully to help his body heal. "Then his bright eyes began to shine. As did his personality."

Once the little tabby bounced back, he was eager to befriend everyone at the clinic. He would clamber up his people, all the way onto their shoulders, and channel his inner-parrot.

shoulder kitten catBobby bounced back and turned into a little shoulder [email protected]

He would happily offer to cuddle an empty lap, and then zoom around the place as if he owned it.

When Bobby tired out from all the antic-making, he'd sweetly curl up in his cozy cat bed, knead away on his blankie before dozing off to the sound of the reception. "Everyone at the clinic fell in love with him."

kitten kneading soft bed@warwickvetperth

"We discovered his right lung will never re-inflate as it is too scarred. We showed him his x-rays and lab reports. He smiled despite the news. He fought hard to survive and won all our hearts in the process," Kate added.

Bobby likes to reach out his paw from his nest to hold hands with a staffer who needs a break or a kitten-fix.

kitten tabby bobbyHe likes to hold hands with [email protected]

With one working lung, Bobby needs special care for the rest of his life. Having the resources needed to look after him, staff at Warwick Vet have made him the official Clinic Cat.

Bobby is now a fixture at the establishment, and he takes his job very seriously.

cute tabby kitten bobbyHe became the official Clinic [email protected]

Now, Bobby spends his days playing games on staff's phones and watching cat TV on YouTube.

Moon, Kate's dog, who frequents the vet's office, has taken the role of Bobby's mentor, training him on reception duties and other tasks around the clinic.

dog kitten friends vetBobby and his mentor Moon the [email protected]

Bobby has mastered the art of greeting clients at the front desk, offering support to staff, and watching over feline patients who need some company.

"He's started hospital patient supervision. Peanut and Sesame were in for their desexing surgeries. Bobby kept a very close eye on them while they were in the hospital. He didn't try and steal their food either."

kitten supervise at vetBobby watching over his feline [email protected]

Moon is taking a step back and letting his little protege handle the front desk under his watchful eye.

"Moon was Bobby's protector from the minute he first arrived. Bobby has fully entered his teenage phase. He is so playful towards Moon, and like the good boy Moon is, he takes it all in his stride, even though sometimes Bobby pushes his boundaries."

clinic cat orange kittenBobby takes his reception duties very [email protected]

The tabby boy has brought so much joy to everyone he graces. He is still that lovable shoulder kitty, just much bigger and more to cuddle.

shoulder cat bobbyOnce a shoulder cat, always a shoulder [email protected]

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Original author: Amy Bojo
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