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Kitten With Crooked Smile Gives Everyone Cuddles After He Was Rescued from Streets

A kitten with a crooked jaw was so happy to be safe he gave everyone around him cuddles.

imageKatie Rodriguez

A Good Samaritan from North Carolina found a friendly stray with a broken jaw, wandering the streets alone. The man scooped him up and took him to see a vet.

Despite a rough start, the kitten was in good spirits and just wanted snuggles. While being hospitalized, staff took turns to visit him as he was meowing nonstop for attention.

Katie Rodriguez from the hospital, who also runs a small rescue group, BabyCats Kitten Rescue, came to see the little guy. She walked into a very vocal kitty waiting by the kennel door, rubbing his face against the bars, begging for love.

imageKatie Rodriguez

The kitten whom they named Clark Griswold, quickly won everyone's heart. He was making his rounds with all the staff members at work, demanding cuddles and making biscuits with his paws while being held.

"Clark was making friends all over the place," Katie shared with Love Meow.

imageKatie Rodriguez

They fixed his broken jaw and helped him recover with plenty of cuddles to go around.

"His jaw is a little lopsided. I think it's precious," Katie said.

imageKatie Rodriguez

When the kitten was medically clear, Katie took him into her rescue, and Jessica, a volunteer, stepped up to help.

"He's made his way to his foster home, his first one after being in a hospital for a month," Katie said.

imageKatie Rodriguez

Soon after Clark arrived, cuddles were in order. He crawled into Jessica's arms and settled in for a nap.

"He's just so glad to be in a warm home with some people."

imageKatie Rodriguez

Clark adores everyone, both furry and human kind. He's a bona fide cuddle-bug and constantly makes sure no lap is left empty.

Watch Clark in this cute video:

Clark the kitten loves cuddles

He will alternate between two laps in the house, so everyone gets a share of his snuggles.

"He hasn't left either of their laps any longer than to crawl to the next one," Katie added.

imageKatie Rodriguez

"Even if he can't snuggle on you, he will be next to you," Jessica said.

The sweet kitten is adjusting to life as an indoor cat beautifully. Napping and cuddling have become his favorite pastimes.

imageKatie Rodriguez

The little former stray has blossomed into an expert cuddler and napper.

He follows his humans everywhere around the house, and sneaks in for a cuddle whenever he gets a chance.

imageKatie Rodriguez

"He would love a family with lots of love to give and some warm blankets to curl up in. He's ready for a new home for the holidays," Katie said.

imageKatie Rodriguez

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Original author: Amy Bojo
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