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Kittens Found Abandoned at Stop Sign Have Their Lives Turned Around Through Kindness from Community

Three little kittens were found at a stop sign when a woman was driving along the road near Shaw, Mississippi.

imageThe Cleveland/Bolivar County Animal Shelter

A week ago, a Mississippi resident noticed a bag that was tied to a stop sign as she was driving down the road.

She pulled over when she realized something was moving inside the bag. Upon investigation, she discovered three 6-week-old kittens in need of help and medical attention.

She rushed back to her car with the kittens and headed straight to The Cleveland/Bolivar County Animal Shelter.

"They were covered in fleas, dehydrated, malnourished, and had upper respiratory infections which caused the goopy eyes and runny noses," The Cleveland/Bolivar County Animal Shelter told Love Meow.

imageThe Cleveland/Bolivar County Animal Shelter

Staff immediately sprang into action to get the kittens cleaned up and start them on fluids and eye mediations. The community also came together to help with their medical needs.

"We gave them antibiotics and eye meds and set them up on heating pads," the shelter said.

imageThe Cleveland/Bolivar County Animal Shelter

The kittens cuddled up together in a purr pile on their heated bed after the long ordeal. They finally received the treatment they needed and went to sleep with full bellies.

Within a day, they could breathe a lot easier and see much clearer.

imageThe Cleveland/Bolivar County Animal Shelter

The feline siblings continued to improve. When staff came in the next morning, they got up from their bed and were excited to see their human friends.

"They are eating well and are starting a 3-day round of dewormer," the shelter wrote in an update.

imageThe Cleveland/Bolivar County Animal Shelter

In just a few days, the trio has made a complete 180 with clear eyes and new-found energy. They are hopping around, playing and wrestling with each other just like any other kitten.

"They are doing great. They are fighters," the shelter said. "We have had several rescue groups offer to take them but the community has rallied around these babies so much that we believe they need to be adopted into the community."

imageThe Cleveland/Bolivar County Animal Shelter

"They are very sweet, playful kittens with outgoing personalities," the shelter told Love Meow.

No more stuffy noses or goopy eyes. In a few weeks, they will be ready for adoption and their new chapter of life.

imageThe Cleveland/Bolivar County Animal Shelter

Despite a rough beginning, the stop sign kitties are thriving thanks to the person who found them, staff and volunteers that nursed them back to health, and the community that rallied behind them.

imageThe Cleveland/Bolivar County Animal Shelter

Follow updates on the trio on Facebook.

Watch their rescue journey in this video:

Stop sign kittens rescue journey

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Original author: Amy Bojo
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