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New Book: Cats in the City of Plague

Cats in the City of Plague is not your average pandemic novel. This time the pandemic is the infamous “Black Death” from 14th century Europe, and the heroes are a crew of brave cats fleeing from humans who irrationally blame them for the disease.

In this historical novel, a resourceful cat and his feline friends must escape their Medieval French town and survive the night after superstitious humans blame them for the great pandemic. Instead of being petted and adored, cats are thrown out of their homes without explanation.

The hero of Cats in the City of Plague, Leander, is slow to realize that the humans in his French town have turned against him. Along with the mysterious Innocent and the pugnacious Eusebius, Leander decides to flee the dangerous city and return to the forest where, cat legend says, they originated.

Leander is a feline who can’t understand the recent events. He and his fellow cats never did anything wrong, and according to the legend of Le Chat, humans and cats are supposed to have an understanding. When he is forced out of his home, Leander must leave behind his life of comfort to seek safety.

Along with several other cats, Leander aims to flee the city and return to the wild where his kind once lived. The last half of the book recounts the cats’ suspenseful flight as they scale the city walls and dodge human and animal foes.

But time is running out. Will they make it, and if they do will these city cats learn to survive in the wild?

Curious to find out? Well we’re pleased to announce that the author (details below) kindly offered us 5 signed copies for 5 lucky Purrington Post readers to WIN (choice of paperback or e-Book).

* Contest Details

This contest ends on January 28th, 2022 and is available to North American residents. To enter you simply need to submit a comment in our “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of this page saying:

My cats [names of your cats] and I would love to win a copy of Cats in the City of Plague because [your reason]

The 5 winners will be chosen by the author from all the correctly submitted entries and contacted by email on or around Feb. 4th, 2022. Good luck!

Author Bio

This book has a story of its own – the author (A.L. Marlow) a retired college professor first began working on this novel in 1982. He put it aside for many years until his son—and the global pandemic—convinced him to pick it up again. Cats in the City of Plague is A.L. Marlow’s first novel. He has, however, been a successful non-fiction writer who has published several books and many articles both for scholarly and general readers.  He has also had several plays performed in New York City and has published one short story for young readers. He has enjoyed the pleasure of cat companionship for most of his life. [Photo below: Author years ago with his most special cat.]

P.S. – If you can’t wait and want to grab your own copy, check it out here on Amazon => Cats in City of Plague

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