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Reigning Cats and Dogs – Cat Videos and Memes Most Popular!

Reigning Cats and Dogs

Google Study on popularity of our fur-babies

Images, videos and memes of cats and dogs have played a role in almost everyone’s experience of the internet as we know it today. Over the past decade, social media sites awash with cute, crazy and hilarious animal content like ‘Keyboard Cat’ (50m views) and ‘Fenton the Dog’ (18m views) has taken the UK’s obsession with pets to stratospheric levels.

To mark National Pet Month in the UK, Google has crunched the data on ten years of searches. Sadly for us cat lovers this let to the revelation that on both sides of the pond dogs are more popular than cats online. But not all is lost for our favourite cats!

While the stats look grim when it comes to general searches on Google as dogs have been on top for a full decade, peaking in popularity in the UK during August 2017, and a month earlier in the US, during July.

It’s not all fur-balls for cat lovers as when examining UK views for video content on YouTube, cat videos have the edge, proving 2% more popular over the past decade. (Take that woof woofs. ? )

Reigning cats and dogs

Based on UK viewership, here are some of the top videos related to cats (of all time):

Funny cats and kittens meowing compilation 2015 Very angry cat Funny cats Surprised kitty (original) Funny cats and kittens meowing compilation

Based on UK viewership, here are some of the top videos related to dogs (of all time):

Dog Functional Ultimate Dog Tease Dalmatian Interrupts Yoga Session – “Can I play, too?” Dogs just don’t want to bath – Funny dog bathing compilation Cute dogs and adorable babies – compilation

And even better WE are winning on the memes search front as well! In fact on average, UK image searches for cat memes are 45% more popular than dog memes, reaching peak in December 2012 at the height of ‘Grumpy Cat’ fame. The Grumpy Cat meme is still the most searched-for cat meme in the UK, ahead of ‘Crying Cat’. However, dog memes are fighting back, peaking in April 2017, and overtaking cat memes in popularity for large parts of last year, thanks to cult hits like the ‘Petting Dog’ photo trend, and the Shiba Inu ‘Doge’.

The most popular dog breed searched for the UK over the past 12 months is the Bulldog, followed by the Pug and the Labrador. For cat lovers, the Maine Coon, Ragdoll and Bengal breeds are on trend.

Sadly none of our three is happy about the top cat breeds. ;o

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