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Rescued Cat Takes Orphaned Kittens Under Her Wing - One of Them is Much Tinier

A rescued cat who had adopted two orphaned kittens, took in another one when she heard his cries.

imageLisa Krakosky

Winnie the cat was brought to a county shelter in Orlando, Florida and gave birth to a singleton (named Kevin) while she was there. Pet Alliance Greater Orlando took in the mother and son duo as they were in need of a foster home.

Meanwhile, the rescue group had two orphans named Paul and Wayne who had been found outside. They tried to introduce them to Winnie to see if she would accept them. The cat mom immediately took them in and started nursing and cleaning the babies.

The family of four went home with Lisa Krakosky, a foster volunteer of Pet Alliance. She gave the mama a comfortable and quiet room to raise her kittens.

imageLisa Krakosky

A few days later, Lisa was contacted about another singleton who needed a mom.

A newborn kitten named John was found in a bush at a gas station, all alone. Without hesitation, Mama Winnie was drawn to the kitten when she heard his cries, and started mothering him as if she knew just what he needed.

imageLisa Krakosky

The doting cat mom makes happy chirps and purrs nonstop with her kittens by her side.

John is the smallest and the youngest of his litter.

imageLisa Krakosky

Winnie is a great mom, making sure her kittens are fed, groomed and loved. She comes running when they cry, and is never tired of giving them baths.

John falls asleep cuddling in her arms as Winnie purrs up a storm.

imageLisa Krakosky

When the three older boys started to explore outside their nest, John spent extra cuddle time with his mom.

John opened his eyes to see the world for the first time.

imageLisa Krakosky

Winnie has an adorable engine like purr. She's done a wonderful job caring for her kittens. When she needs a break, she comes to her foster mom for pets and cuddles.

"She is extremely sweet and craves human attention. She also allows me to pick her up. I could picture her as being the type of cat that would love to curl up in your lap or by your side while on the couch or in bed," Lisa said.

imageLisa Krakosky

John adores his brothers especially Kevin.

They are nap buddies and share an adorable bond. In a few more weeks, the little family will be ready for their next adventure in life.

imageLisa Krakosky

The four brothers from three different mothers are thriving in foster care along with their protective mama Winnie.

imageLisa Krakosky

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Original author: Amy Bojo
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