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Stray Kitten Cuddles Family Dog and Insists on Being His Friend

A stray kitten befriended a puppy and decided he would be his best friend.

imageKēnya @bb_pangur_ban

A ginger and white kitten was found in a homeowner's yard in Denver, Colorado. The man is allergic to cats, but didn't hesitate to help. He brought the little guy to his pet groomer, Kēnya.

Kēnya immediately set up a spot for the kitten at her shop and started contacting local shelters and searching the neighborhood to see if anyone was missing a cat.

After driving around the area a few times, no one came to claim the kitten. "He had no collar or microchip either, so I took him home that night," Kēnya told Love Meow.

imageKēnya @bb_pangur_ban

The initial plan was to keep the kitten overnight and try to find him help through a shelter the next day, but everything changed when the kitten nuzzled his way into their arms.

They fell in love with the little ginger, but it was Kēnya's puppy, Edward, who had the most love for him. "They acted like they were long lost brothers."

imageKēnya @bb_pangur_ban

The kitten immediately started cuddling with his canine friend and followed him everywhere around the house.

"They just wanted to be around each other all the time," Kēnya said. "I couldn't find it in my heart to bring him to the shelter."

imageKēnya @bb_pangur_ban

A couple weeks later, no one contacted them about a lost cat. They officially made the kitten part of their family and named him Popsicle.

"Popsicle certainly considers himself to be Edward's cat. No matter how sweet or annoying Ed can be, Popsicle tolerates him. If this isn't unconditional love, I don't know what is."

imageKēnya @bb_pangur_ban

Every time they took Ed out for a walk, Popsicle came running to the door and wanted to join the fun.

"He is such an energetic and confident little boy that we figured we'd try expending his energy and expanding his world by having him join us while walking the dogs. As usual, he fit right in!"

imageKēnya @bb_pangur_ban

When the kitten needs a cuddle from his humans, he crawls up their shoulders to get the best view in the house.

"He's getting bigger but still just a petite little guy although he thinks he's much bigger than he is," Kēnya said.

imageKēnya @bb_pangur_ban

"Popsicle is the best friend any cat or dog could ever ask for," Kēnya added. "He makes friends with every animal he meets and will do anything for a treat."

imageKēnya @bb_pangur_ban

"We are lucky to have such a sweet friendship in our home."

imageKēnya @bb_pangur_ban

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Original author: Amy Bojo
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