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Street Cat Finds Family to Help Raise Her Kittens — Her Tiny Lookalike is Determined to Stand Out

A neighborhood cat and her kittens were rescued from life on the streets. Her little lookalike quickly stood out.

imageCindy Congdon @foster_kittens

A Good Samaritan from Seattle, Washington brought a cat and her kittens to the Seattle Humane Society for help.

The tortoiseshell, named Rosie, was living outside until a neighbor noticed she was pregnant. The night before they planned to bring her into the shelter, she delivered her four "Rosebuds" outside in some bushes.

They needed a foster home, so Cindy Congdon, a volunteer for the shelter, welcomed the family of five into her loving home. "She and her kittens were covered in fleas when they came to us," Cindy shared with Love Meow. "Rosie is a very sweet girl, and an excellent mom. We are so glad to have her with us."

imageCindy Congdon @foster_kittens

They gave the kittens warm baths to wash off the fleas and removed the rest by hand, one by one. They kept their nest clean with fresh bedding every day. Mama Rosie and her kittens were so happy to be comfortable without the pesky fleas at last.

One of babies quickly made herself known amongst her litter mates — Frances, a mini-sized Rosie, was already displaying her sass and tortitude before her eyes even opened. She was the first to venture out and inspect the new scents around her.

The tortie girl was brave beyond her age.

imageCindy Congdon @foster_kittens

"She is definitely the alpha of the litter," Cindy told Love Meow. "At ten days old, Frances already had the resting disappointed-in-you face."

As soon as the baby tortie figured out how to move her legs, she went on a solo expedition outside her cozy bed while the rest of her litter mates clung to their doting mom.

imageCindy Congdon @foster_kittens

While her siblings were snuggling away in the comfort of their warm blankets, little Frances was waddling about in her pen. She was fearless and extremely adventurous.

When it was time for a bath, Mama Rosie had her kittens corralled around her in the nest except cheeky little Frances, who managed to get away from the mandatory bathing session and play catch-me-if-you-can.

imageCindy Congdon @foster_kittens

The smart tortie girl never missed a meal and would come running to the milk bar to secure the best seat before going to town. The tortitude in her was shining through.

Watch Frances and her adorable family in this cute video:

Tortie kitten and her family - foster journey

Frances and her siblings reached the one-pound milestone at three weeks old.

Cindy let them explore outside their foster room as they had entered a new chapter in their journey.

imageCindy Congdon @foster_kittens

Needless to say, Frances was the first to hop out of the room, taking the lead as always. The tortie girl got new space to conquer and she marched right in with no hesitation, whereas her siblings were more cautious as they followed behind.

In a matter of seconds, Frances was already scampering around like she owned the place.

imageCindy Congdon @foster_kittens

Thanks to the kind neighbor who got the feline family to safety, the little Rosebuds get to grow up knowing love and comfort.

imageCindy Congdon @foster_kittens

Mama Rosie greets everyone with snuggles and is as sweet as can be.

She is so grateful to have a roof over her head, a foster family to help raise her kittens and a chance at a forever home.

imageCindy Congdon @foster_kittens

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Original author: Amy Bojo
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