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Cat Dental Health – Tooth or Consequences

Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month?  Did you also know…

The number one health issue facing cats today is oral careOral care concerns impact almost 70% of cats80% of cats show signs of periodontal disease by the age of 3

Many of these cats will never receive any home dental care, and the condition of their teeth will worsen every year for the rest of their lives.

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WIN a Portrait of Your Cat

We’re always finding creative talent in the cat-o-sphere and recently were introduced to a wonderful pet portrait artist named Vicki Liu.

She did this beautiful 5×7 watercolor portrait (w/ gold leaf) of our two boys (photo below).

Always sketching as a small child, Vicki participated in elective art classes in high school, went onto MIAD for a year, with a focus on illustration, and ended up transferring to UW-Oshkosh to attain her BFA in Painting & Drawing.

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Stray Kitten Sneaks in Family's Yard for Food and Has Her Life Turned Around

A kitten showed up on a family's doorstep for food. After roaming the neighborhood all her life, she decided it was time for a change.

Ariel Heath

Four little kittens appeared outside Ariel Heath's home a few months ago. They were drinking water from a dog bowl without a cat mother in sight. "They heard us and ran back off the property behind our fence and into some brush," Ariel told Love Meow.

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Natural Disaster Preparedness for Your Cat(s)

The start of a new year is always a good chance to look back and reflect. 2018 was a year of great research in animal health, with some significant new opportunities in products and drugs for our felines.

Cat lovers are a unique, wonderful and close knit community. We share our successes with each other (our failures too) on social media, so we all benefit from the experiences of our fellow cat lovers, be it new healthy foods, great litter, fun toys or important advances in feline health-related issues. We encourage everyone to keep sharing their experiences.

As we look back on 2018, aside from the good, it has also been a year filled with natural disasters from coast to coast. Multiple floods, tornados, hurricanes, storms and perhaps most devastating the recent camp fires. All have affected us and our pets.

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Man Went for a Work Break and Came Back with a Kitten on His Shoulder

A man stumbled upon a homeless kitten meowing outside all alone. Little did he know that his life was about to change.

Justin LaRose

Justin LaRose from Long Beach, California was on a break from work when he heard a kitten's cries. He followed the sound and spotted a little black kitten scrounging for food near a dumpster.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

Two cats are sitting in a bar sipping tunatinis…

Male cat: ‘Do you have a date for Valentines Day?’
Female cat: ‘Yes, February 14th!’

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we did our usual research to gather and curate a collection of a dozen thoughtful, practical and unique gifts for both cats and their 2-legged servants.

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Hissy Feral Kitten Purrs for the First Time Through the Help of Cuddling - It Turns Her Life Around

A rescued feral kitten was cowering in the corner of her kennel, but shelter staff and volunteers refused to let that be her fate.

Kitten Rescue LA

A few weeks ago, a frightened feral kitten was brought in to Kitten Rescue Los Angeles for a chance at a better life. She was a pint-sized kitty at just 2 1/2 pounds, which is the average weight of a 10-week old.

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CATBOX – When Ordinary Just Won’t Do!

Way back in 2015 we did a post called – Why Do Cats Love Cardboard Boxes?  Check it out – you might be surprised at what we found.

Since then cats haven’t changed, but cardboard play beds and boxes certainly have! We caught up with the team at CATBOX who make these delightfully stylish cardboard cat beds.

They retain all the fun of a basic cardboard box, but add sizzle and sass to take them from ordinary to extraordinary (photo below is our own ginger tabby meowdeling his prowess as an astronaut and feline space alien).

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2 Kittens Found Wandering into Workplace Together, Won't Leave Each Other's Side

Earlier this month, two little stray kittens wandered into an industrial area, where many stray animals frequent.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

A few employees were having an office party when they spotted the two ginger kittens outside, looking for food. They tried to approach them, but the kitties quickly retreated back into the shrubs. They gave them some chicken, and one of the kittens grabbed a piece and went right back to hide.

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Lost Cat? Tail it!

A few years ago the ASPCA undertook a telephone survey of more than 1,000 pet-owning households across the country to get a sense of how many pets have been lost, how many ultimately made it home, and how their guardians found them.

The study involved a random survey of pet guardians to find out if they lost a cat or dog in the past five years – and if they did, did they find that pet – and where did they look? Here’s what they found:

15% had lost a cat or a dog in the past five years – a lower number than had been anecdotally reported85% of those lost cats and dogs were recoveredThe percentage of lost cats compared to lost dogs was quite similar – 15% percent for cats and 14% for dogsCat guardians were less likely to find their cat – only 74% of lost cats were recovered, while 93% of lost dogs were recovered

59% of cat guardians found their cat because it returned home on its own; 30 percent found their cat by searching the neighborhood and only 2% of cat guardians found their lost pets at a shelter.

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Woman Saves Kitten from Middle of Road When Others Just Keep Driving

A tiny kitten ended up in the middle of the road in Norman, Oklahoma. No one stopped for him until a woman came to his rescue.

Rachael @thechronicfoster

Rachael, a foster volunteer of Bella SPCA, was driving down a busy street with her boyfriend when they spotted a tiny ball of fur in the middle of their lane. The car in front of them drove over it, narrowly missing it between the tires.

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Katzenstreu-Matte von Pfotenolymp + Ultimativer Katzenstreuvergleich

Die heimliche Heldin des Alltags: Die Katzenstreu-Matte. Während der geschäftigsten Zeiten des Tages liegt sie bereit und rettet uns so manches Mal den Hintern ;). Denn gut aufgefangen ist weniger geputzt und tatsächlich haben wir bereits zahllose Matten getestet, die entweder zu klein, qualitativ eher unterdurchschnittlich waren oder schlichtweg  ihren Zweck nicht erfüllten und es [...]

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