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Kitten Rescued at 3 Days Old as the Runt of Her Litter Shows Biggest Personality and Sass

A kitten was rescued at just three days old. She was the smallest kitten in her litter, but had the biggest personality of all.

Anna the kitten and her calico sisterBaby Kitten Rescue

Caroline Grace, the founder of Baby Kitten Rescue (in Los Angeles), was notified about a litter of three kittens needing urgent rescue. They were just three days old and required round-the-clock critical care.

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Cat Left Behind with Four Kittens in Apartment Building is So Grateful When Woman Extends Help

A cat was found abandoned with her four kittens in an apartment building. She kept her babies safe until help arrived.

Luna the cat mom and her four kittensTiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

A feline family of five were rescued from a difficult situation after they had been left behind in an apartment. Mellissa, the founder of Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue (in Ontario, Canada), saw a plea for help from a fellow rescuer and offered to take them in.

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Kittens Come Out of Bushes Together, Climb on Rescuer and Ready to Leave with Them

Two kittens came out of the bushes and climbed the legs of a rescuer, as they were ready to leave the busy road.

Blue the calico and Max the orange [email protected]_november

Last month, Good Samaritans spotted a pair of kittens hiding in the bushes by a busy road. They went up to investigate and discovered one orange kitten and a calico huddled together.

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Kitten Found Stuck in a Wall for 2 Days Decides She Will Never Be Alone Again

A kitten who was found stuck in a wall for two days, decides she will never be alone again.

Jojo the tuxedo kittenErin @catasticalmeows

Two months ago, Erin, a foster volunteer of Wrenn Rescues (in Los Angeles), took in a tiny kitten who had gone through quite an ordeal. "She was found inside a wall, stuck there for two days," Erin told Love Meow.

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Woman Adopts a Kitten and Returns to Shelter for Her Cat Mother Who Has Been There for 6 Months

A woman adopted a kitten and returned to the shelter for her cat mother who had been there for six long months.

Queenie the cat and her eight kittensExploits Valley SPCA

Queenie the cat came to The Exploits Valley SPCA with a full belly of babies. She was estimated to be around two years old, and very friendly from the beginning.

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Cat Has Been in and Out of Shelter, Hopes to Find Family Willing to Help Her Through Thick and Thin

A cat who has been in and out of the shelter, hopes to find a family willing to help her through thick and thin.

Lily the calico catSalty Animal Rescue

Lily the calico cat was 3-4 years old when she was surrendered to Hamilton Animal Services in Ontario, Canada. Katelyn and Karly Saltarski, co-founders of Salty Animal Rescue, took her in with open arms.

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How Expensive is Pet Insurance For a Cat?

As a pet owner, you probably already know that having coverage for your little friend is worth it. However, you might have some concerns about the cost of coverage. We will break down everything you need to know about the price of pet insurance in this post.

So, exactly how expensive is pet insurance? There are a lot of factors that can raise or lower its monthly price tag (see chart below from ).

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Kittens from Different Mothers Paired Up at Shelter and Decide to Give Hugs to Everyone They Come Across

Kittens that were paired up at the shelter, decided to give hugs to everyone they come across.

Cinnamon the shoulder [email protected]

An orange kitten was brought in to Oakland Animal Services after he had been found outside spinning in circles. He came with a severe head tilt and was in need of a feline friend.

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Buchvorstellung Schlecki Leckermaul

Noch auf der Suche nach einem kleinen Weihnachtsgeschenk für ein Kind? Dann haben wir eine schöne Idee für dich. Das Buch oder Hörbuch Schlecki Leckermaul – Abenteuer der Lebkuchen-Katze.* Liebevoll gestaltet mit vielen Extras, erschienen im Wunderhaus-Verlag.

Konditor Kremissimo macht die allerfeinsten Leckerbissen weit und breit. Er besitzt jedoch noch eine andere, magische Gabe. Aus zauberhaft gemischtem Teig backt er Tiere, die lebendig werden! Eines Tages backt er die Lebkuchenkatze Schlecki Leckermaul, die lebendig wird. Vor ihren Abenteuern handelt das liebevolle Buch

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Cat Comes Back to Woman Who is Kind to Him, and Decides He Is Ready to Leave Street Life

A street cat came back to the woman who was kind to him, and decided he was ready to leave outdoor life behind.

Luckyou the street catChatons Orphelins Montréal

Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal, an animal rescue in Montreal, Canada, noticed a tomcat outside her home earlier this year. He was hungry and scrounging around for food.

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Die kleinsten Katzenrassen der Welt – unsere Top 5

↕️ Schulterhöhe: max. 20 cm   ⚖️ Gewicht:  2 – 2,5 kg (Katze), 2,5 – 3 kg (Kater)

Die Singapura ist nicht nur eine exotisch aussehende Schönheit, sie ist auch die kleinste Katzenrasse der Welt. Sie ist nur etwa halb so groß wie andere Katzen und ist ein echtes Leichtgewicht.

Erzählungen nach stammt die Singapura von den Straßenkatzen Singapurs ab, die in den engen Abwasserrohren der Millionenstadt gelebt haben. Deshalb soll sich der Körperbau der Singapura an den Lebensraum angepasst haben. Daher stammt auch ihr Spitzname “Drain Cat”, zu deutsch “Abwasserrohr-Katze”. 1975 wurde die Singapura von einer Familie in die USA eingeführt, dort wurde sie 1982 als eigene Rasse anerkannt.

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Black Cat Art

As lovers of all things feline, we’ve always had a special fondness for black cats. So imagine how pleased we were to hear about Grace Statwick – an artist who creates the most delightful collection of black cat art. Ranging from prints to postcards to apparel, she offers something for all cat lovers to enjoy.

Here’s one of her original paintings called “First Kiss“:

Or how about “Knitting Cat“…

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Two Kittens Wander Up to a House, Walk into Carriers and Ready to Leave the Streets Behind

Two kittens wandered up to a house, walked into carriers and were so ready to leave the streets behind.

Danny and Lando the kitten brothersCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

Two kittens started hanging around an older gentleman's house in Corpus Christi, Texas, with a small number of community cats that he cared for. The pair were always seen together and came back regularly for food.

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The Top 7 Best Podcasts for Cat Lovers!

Feline in the mood for a cat podcast? There are loads of purr-fect ones out there! If you’re the proud owner of a furry friend, here are seven top cat podcasts with a wealth of feline material.

Have your cat’s behavior and quirks explained, listen as you are talked through common health problems, discover rare and wonderful cat breeds you may never have heard of, learn how to communicate with your cat, or simply enjoy lots of podcast chat about cats and why we love them so much.

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Kitten Found in National Park by Himself, Now Clings to People Day and Night to Make Up for Lost Time

A tabby kitten who was found in a national park by himself, now clings to his people day and night to make up for lost time.

Gordon the tabby kittenCatRescue 901

Two weeks ago, Jenny Storaker, the co-director of CatRescue 901 (in Sydney), received a phone call from a young man who works for national parks. A small tabby kitten was lost and wandering around without a mother. He was very young and needed round-the-clock care.

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