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We Love These Out-Landysh Cat Illustrations

We did a post about 18 months ago on one of our favorite cat illustrators – a very talented lady named Landysh who creates the most delightful, insightful and downright adorable cat-toons. It seemed time to share it again for those readers who haven’t yet seen her work.

Landysh started the Lingvistov project (an English school and an online store) that has since become wildly popular due to her enchanting illustrations about cats, sleep, food, relationships and life in general.

Many of you will likely recognize her work as Lingvistov illustrations have appeared in many highly popular magazines around the world. Landysh and her team’s motto is to make people laugh, and they’ve certainly succeeded with us! Her drawing style is clean, unfettered and based on lines and contrasting colors.

Landysh has a cat named Augustus who is her muse and many of her works are based on life with him. Landysh and August {photo below) both live and work in Russia.

We had the pleasure to speak with Landysh and she was kind enough to offer 3 lucky Purrington Post readers the chance to win either a book, T-shirt or their new 2018 calendar. The contest is now over, but please enjoy our Q & A with Landysh.

How many of the illustrations you create are based on your life or the lives of your friends/colleagues?


Most of the illustrations that feature cats are based on my own big fluffy cat Augustus who I justifiably call my muse. When I sit down to draw, I first start thinking about the funny things he’s done that day. And he never fails to disappoint. The illustrations about lazy weekends and coffee are based on some of my friends who are very picky about their coffee and who I can never reach on their phones on Saturdays and Sundays because they’re sleeping (till 3pm!).


I don’t have any experience with dogs, so I also have to rely on my friends who have them. Comics and Illustrations are (at least for me) very much about being attentive: you watch people and pets, notice some funny things and try to draw them. So I’d say my illustrations are based on my observations.


Do you ever run out of material?

I can run out of non-cat material – definitely. With cats – never. When I don’t have any ideas, I just draw cats and funny cat comics till I have inspiration to do other stuff. 



Is there a particular cat illustration that you would say is exactly like you and Augustus?


I have this comics where a girl is “playing” with her cat but in fact the cat is watching her play by herself. That’s what happens almost everyday in my house. He might lazily – and obviously not even getting up – bite the toy but mostly it’s just me running around him with his toys trying to make him at least mildly interested. Meanwhile he looks at me, then yawns and falls asleep. It’s sometimes quite insulting. (photo – below left). One of our highly relatable scenarios is captured in the illustration below right).


What’s the funniest (or naughtiest) thing that Auggy has ever done?


August doesn’t like change. Once we gave our old sofa to our neighbors for their country house. So he spent the whole day and night walking around the place where the sofa had been, meowing and demanding it back. He’s also quite antisocial. My relatives stayed over one night. So all night he sat next to their bed, not letting them sleep, meowing at the top of his lungs – I’m guessing telling them politely to go away. And Auggy is a pretty name for that rascal!



Any big/exciting new projects on the horizon for 2018?


Yes! We’re inviting other artists who work in different styles to join our project. It’s personally very important for me to support independent illustrators. So I hope you’ll see new faces on our website soon! We’re also planning to launch new books, t-shirts and other products. We’re very proud of it.



If Augustus was a famous celebrity…who would he most likely be?

He’d definitely be Nick Offerman who is very serious but also has this ridiculous laughter.



What would you like to say to all your many adoring fans around the world?


I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to all of you. I am able do what I love only thanks to your support and love. And also thank you for all your emails, messages and comments. If my silly doodles can make at least one person smile and help make their day better, it’s the greatest accomplishment for me and a drive to go further.


Read more about Landysh’s bio here.

Finally, we asked her to share a few of her favorite illustrations…here they are. Need we say more?  >^..^<

A very special ‘thanks’ to Landysh, Asia and her team for brightening our days! Be sure to check out (and follow) their pawsome IG feed @lingvistov


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